Saturday, September 5, 2015

Relaxing my brain

Here's what has been happening for me recently.... My daughter turned 2, yay for another party and more toys that we have no room for! My husband went away for work for a few weeks, we start building a house very soon (I hope), we have a baby and then we move house. You know.....nothing special......OMG MY MIND IS IN OVERDRIVE!!

Not only am I constantly thinking, planning, thinking, writing lists, thinking, organising and thinking but I'm 36 weeks pregnant and can't sleep anyway! I'm finding it so hard to switch my mind off and sleep, and the few times that I can the basketball under my pajama top makes me uncomfortable and suddenly decides that it's sleep time for mum so it must be play time for me! Why not right??? I already love the little bean so much it hurts but sometimes mummy needs a break ok.

My trips to the shops at the moment are often happening everyday as I think of new things to do and add to my list. But, on a recent trip to my local Kmart I stumbled upon an absolute gem.

They're coloring books for grown ups!! Now I love colouring just as much as my daughter so this was right up my alley! It's obviously a lot more complicated than colouring in animals and Elsa from Frozen. You really need to concentrate to stay inside the tiny lines. As much as shading and colouring with pencils is great, I have actually found that gel pens actually work the best. The fine point makes staying in the lines easier and the colours you can get are amazing and bright. You can even add a touch of metallic or glitter to your drawings if you want. 
I have only just started on my adult colouring journey but I'm loving it so much. After doing a bit more research on the topic I found the website that sells the books, Michael O'Mara Books, or if you, like me, are based in Australia there is an Australian publishing site that you can go directly through, Hardie Grant Publishing. So many books to choose from. If you prefer to have a scroll through before you purchase I have found them at Target for only $13 and at Kmart for $10-$12. You can pick up a pack of 30 gel pens for only $ of the cheapest hobbies I've stumbled upon so far! My husband is very happy!! I have already found the book I want to grab next, I haven't seen this one at the shops yet but will definitely grab it online as soon as I have tackled a few more pages in the books I have.
I have been having fun colouring the last few nights before I've hopped into bed and it really helps to switch off all that thinking. I can concentrate on the one thing, relax and have fun while I'm doing it. I may or may not have bought 3 colouring books already, I know I'll go through them pretty quickly with all the sleepless nights ahead of me.

So switching off the brain is sorted, now to work on the basketball player shooting hoops at all hours of the night.


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