Thursday, October 8, 2015

77 days....

I was wandering through the shops today picking up a few bits and pieces and every shop I walked into blew my mind. At the end of almost every isle in the supermarket.....Christmas decorations, full departments in the local Kmart and Target stores.....Christmas decorations, book stores had full displays of Christmas books and even the smaller businesses are jumping on board and advertising 'Get in early with your Christmas shopping'. WOW!!

Did you know there is only 77 days until Christmas, that's 11 weeks! 11 shopping weekends...that's it!

It really hit me today and I had one of those freak out moments, I have had so much going on lately that Christmas has been the last thing on my mind.....time to get organised!!!

Christmas would have to be may favourite time of year, decorating the house, putting up the Christmas tree, shopping for presents, the endless Christmas parties that take up basically the whole of December, whether they are work or family, they are just so much fun! Giving presents is so much more satisfying to me that receiving them that I always go to a lot of effort to wrap them and make them look special. I also adore watching people open up a present that I have got for them and see the smile on their face because lets hope that absolutely LOVE it! Having kids makes the Christmas period so much more fun, I'm hanging out for Christmas Eve when I make my husband wear matching pajamas with myself and our girls, we have hot chocolate and read Christmas stories. Argh I can't wait!!

But let's not get too carried away, first things first. getting the decorations sorted! I love to decorate my home with anything and everything Christmas throughout December. I have so many ideas of new decorations that I really need to get sorted early. Since my shopping trip today I have already started thinking about a colour scheme for my tree this year, some additional decorations that I need to incorporate this colour scheme and even my new table centre piece for December.

There are so many amazing decorations and inspirations in stores these days but recently I have discovered an online Christmas store called Christmas Kingdom that has it all at your fingertips! Being a mum with a newborn, shopping at home and having it delivered to your door is so appealing and a life saver, and you should see some of the adorable items they have.

The store has everything from Christmas trees, decorations and lights to homewares and gift wrapping and cards, everything you need to decorate your home and it is super easy to navigate. I have to say though my favourite part of the website is the Christmas decorating videos. They include so many amazing ideas and ways to decorate not only your Christmas tree but your wreath, your fireplace, your house. The videos are so details and super easy to follow, so if you want a few ideas for new decorations make sure you check them out using this link. The items used in these videos can be purchased through their online store so if you see something you like make sure you follow the links to grab the goods!

How cute are these candle holders....and super affordable!!

I have been lucky enough to partner with this amazing online store to run a fun giveaway. Enter below for your chance to win a $50 Gift Voucher to spend at the Christmas Kingdom online store. Best of luck lovelies!!

Christmas Kingdom Giveaway

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