Thursday, October 15, 2015

Create A More Natural Style For Your Home With These Easy Tips

As you trawl through the property agent’s advertisements, you might notice that many homes have natural features. It may be the flooring or the furniture. Perhaps there is a natural open fire as a feature. Bringing the best of nature into your home is very fashionable again. There are plenty of ways you can make the most of this trend too. Here are some of our favourites:

The hardwood floor feels like it has been done to death. The same woods with the same lacquer have been adorning our floors for over a decade. Now is the time to bring something even more natural and environmentally friendly into the home. Cork flooring and even bamboo as a material for the floor has been making waves in homes this year. It feels good underfoot and is a completely sustainable source of natural material for your floor.

Windows with wooden frames have been around for ever. But even if your windows aren’t made from natural materials, your blinds can be. Wooden slats are becoming very trendy. They keep the glare and the heat out. And they make for a beautifully natural window dressing. Best of all, they’re available in a wide range of grains, colours and finishes to suit your personal tastes.

Wooden furniture looks so natural and fits any design style. Choosing hand finished pieces adds to the natural effect you are looking to create. It leaves them looking and feeling so organic. The high gloss perspex finish is once again making way for the raw beauty of wood. Kitchens can be finished with great cabinetry in natural materials. Coffee tables and seating are sleeker and more attractive in woods too.

Some people may feel that wooden panelling lends itself to being too warm. But many larger properties can look absolutely stunning with a half height panel. Many were traditionally stained to help bring out the decorative carving. These days, you can choose bespoke designs and lighter, more oaky finishes. They add texture and structure to the look of the room, and can look incredible as part of a staircase.

Many people turned to uPVC doors for added security. Reinforced with metal, it would be almost impenetrable. But wooden doors can provide the same level of security, and even act as a fire door. They look more natural and organic. Some may have steel inside, but the exterior is clad and finished in a beautiful wood. You can then stain it or paint it to suit your home.

Decor and Accessories
When you are looking to add the finishing touches to your home, look to wooden sculptures. Carvings and structures created from wood look so elegant. Wooden art can feel fresher and more lively than metals and ceramics. There are so many grains and colours to choose from too.

For a beautiful, organic and natural look to your home, wood, cork and slate can be ideal. Shells and crystals add elegance and sparkle to your room as well. Finally, bring some plants and flowers into each of your rooms for colour and good health.


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