Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Make Your House Feel Fresh Again With These Ideas

I find it’s always important that your home looks and feels fresh. Why? For starters, it’s a lot nicer to live in a house that feels fresh and new. Secondly, if you’re preparing your home for a sale, you want it to be in great condition. You don’t want it to feel old and have a weird musty odor. To keep your home fresh at all times, follow the advice below:

Give It A Good Clean

No house is going to feel fresh if it’s dirty and smells bad. Sadly, over time, smells and dirt can add up without you even noticing. You may think your house is fine, then someone will enter it for the first time and be taken aback!

What you need to do is clean it from top to bottom, including all the hard to reach places. There are certain elements of your house that require specialist cleaning. Think about getting some blind cleaners in, as they will know how best to clean them if they are wood, fabric, or metal. It’s something you don’t tend to think about when cleaning, so they can get seriously mucky.

Make sure you dust away any cobwebs and polish wooden surfaces too. Once your house is nice and clean again, it will feel a lot fresher.

Air Fresheners In Every Room

The best way you can make your house feel fresh is if it smells fresh. Back in the day, people would have an aerosol can that they’d spray, and it would freshen up the house. In fact, some people still do this, but there is a better way to approach things.

I recommend you get various air fresheners for every room in your house. You can get ones that you plug into a wall socket, and they emit a nice smell for weeks on end. Or, you can get battery powered ones that spray out a puff of air freshener every once in awhile. The benefit of these two things is that you’re getting constant freshness without having to do anything. Over time, your rooms will start to smell a lot nice and your house will be fresh.

The important thing is to pick scents that aren’t too overpowering. You don’t want something that’s too perfumey; you want a fresh, natural scent. Also, you can get scents that suit different seasons. For winter, you could have a nice cinnamon and apple smelling one to get your house smelling great. 
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Open The Curtains/Blinds

One of the simplest ways you can make your house fresher and more appealing is if you open the curtains/blinds. Instead of leaving rooms bathed in darkness or lit up by a ceiling light, let some natural light in. Sunlight is a wonderful thing for your home; it can make seem a lot more attractive on the inside.

Attaching on to this point, I also suggest you open your windows. Having your windows open, from time to time, can breathe new freshness into your home. If a house never has its windows open, it will never truly feel fresh. Even if it’s for a couple of hours per day, opening windows will work wonders. This is definitely my preference to make your house smell fresh!


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