Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ease The Cost Of Moving Home With These Simple Tips

Moving home is an expensive business. And, unless you are covered by your employer because you are moving for work purposes, it’s all going to come from your bank account. In this guide, we’re going to talk you through a few things you can do that will reduce those costs, and keep your moving day free from financial trouble.

Flexibility wins

Most moving companies will have peak periods of demand when they often charge a lot more for their services. So, if you can be flexible with when you move, they can be a lot more flexible on price. So, when is the best and cheapest time to move? Well, weekends are the most expensive time, as you can imagine. Most people try to cram their moves into the weekend so that they don’t miss work, and this bumps up the price. Also, it tends to be cheaper in the middle of the month, rather than the start or the end. Again, this is solely down to the fact that most people prefer to move during this period. Book as early as possible, too, and you will avoid any last-minute booking fees.

Pack yourself

Packing takes up a significant amount of time, so if you want to save money, do it yourself. The more you ask of your moving company, the more they are going to charge. So, start packing your things up with plenty of time to spare, and make sure everything is ready for the moving day. There are companies out there who offer different removal services, too. Take Budget Self Pack Container Removals, for example. They give you a container for 40 days, during which you can pack it up and empty it on the other side at your leisure. It removes the packing and stacking costs of each move completely.

Trim your possessions

Moving is the best time for having a clearout - and it makes financial sense, too. Everything you take with you gets paid for - by you. So, trimming down your possessions will save you in time and money. You could also think about selling some of your things, and using the money to offset your moving costs even more. You never know, if you sell enough old CDs and clothes, you might even make enough to pay for the whole move!

Make use of every inch

You need your removal van to make one journey, and one journey only. So, make sure that you have used every last inch of available space in the truck. Concentrate on the large, bulky furniture, and don’t worry too much about smaller items like lamps or bags of clothes. You can put all that stuff in the back of your car - it will be far cheaper than using the removal van for three or four different journeys.

So, there you have it. The more effort you put in, the more you will be able to save. Moving house can cost several thousand dollars, so anything you can save will do you a lot of favours. And, it means that maybe you will be able to afford that beautiful three-piece suite you always wanted. Good luck with the move.


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