Saturday, November 28, 2015

Give Your Home A More Luxurious Feel With These Ideas

As a homeowner, it’s only natural to want to transform your home into the most amazing retreat. After all, our homes should be our havens, the places we go to escape from the grind of daily life. If your home is perfectly decorated but lacks that luxurious feel, you can easily add a little elegance and sophistication.
Even when money's no object, many of us struggle to know the best ways to add a subtle sense of luxury to our homes. Often, we make the mistake of teaming ‘luxury’ and ‘over the top’ together, when that’s not the case. Creating a luxurious home doesn’t mean going over the top; luxury living is all in the details.
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To give your home a more luxurious feel, give these updates a try.
Invest in molding and trim
As any interior design expert will tell you, one of the simplest ways to take a basic room and add luxury is with molding and trim. In most homes, rooms are simple box spaces. However, in places where there are molding and trim in place, rooms feel much more elegant. This is because these features show that when the room was decorated, every small detail was thought about.
From baseboards and casing to crown molding and chair rails, there are various options to choose from. While you can go down the DIY route, if you’re not a confident renovator, now might be the time to call in the experts. For a fantastic luxury interiors and design company, check out the website for The Renovation Company. Here, you'll find everything that you need to know about the services and skills that they offer.
Give each room a focal point
Nothing adds a subtle sense of luxury like a beautiful focal point. When you picture focal points, you probably think of oversize statues and pieces of wall art. While these things do make fantastic focal points, they can often be a little too over the top. Any piece, regardless of how simple it is, that catches your eye when you enter the room makes an ideal focal point.
As any interior designer will tell you, the easiest way to pick a focal point is by highlighting architectural details. Does one of your rooms have a big, beautiful window - consider adding a window seat to make it more of a feature. Is your living room home to an antique fireplace that’s just sitting there - give it a spruce up and make it more eye-catching.
If you notice that a room doesn’t have a piece that could be used as a focal point, don’t panic, you can easily make one. Invest in beautiful pieces of art, a stylish and unique coffee table, or a table lamp with an unusual design, and use these as statement pieces
Keep the walls neutral
Have you ever visited a fancy hotel? Well, you’ll probably have noticed that most of the rooms were decorated in neutrals. That’s because neutral tones are ideal for adding a sense of luxury to any space, especially when teamed with warming accessories. The key to using neutrals to add a luxurious feel to an area is ensuring that the room remains inviting.
Hopefully, these ideas will help you to add a sense of subtle luxury to your home.


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