Friday, November 20, 2015

Stop Hoarding and Clean Up Your Home Once and for All!

Hoarding is a real issue for many people. Some have a more severe inclination to hoard than others. Whichever category you fall into, hoarding can actually be dangerous. Have you ever seen Hoarding: Buried Alive? It’s serious stuff! Some people hoard so many useless objects that their houses become uninhabitable. There’s no room to move or live properly. Surfaces become unhygienic. Then there are the psychological issues; not only have they collected all of this junk, they don’t want to get rid of it either! They form an attachment to the strangest objects; broken photo frames, coffee stained newspapers, and books that they never intend on reading. If you feel you have a bit of a problem with hoarding, whether it’s this severe or not, this guide will help you stop. Clean up your home once and for all!

Be Honest With Yourself

Be honest with yourself as you look at each item. Ask, ‘do I really need this?’. If you’re a true hoarder, you’ll probably come up with all kinds of reasons why you may need it one day. Don’t listen. If you haven’t used it in months and months, chances are you won’t use it at all.

Start Small

Don’t throw everything out all at once. Instead, start small. Pick a small collection and go from there. Just make sure you only handle each item once. If you pick something up, decide what to do with it then and there. You’ll only make it harder on yourself if you keep on coming back to it.

Make Your Collections Smaller

If you don’t want to throw away collections completely, simply make them smaller. Let’s say you keep every card you’ve ever been given. Why not keep a couple of favorites, and throw the rest away? You could even frame your favorites, or put them in a folder to look back on later on.

Think of Donating and Selling

Rather than throw your items away, think of the good you could do by donating or selling them. Donating them to people in need will give you a fantastic sense of well being, while selling them will give you some extra cash in your pocket. Both are beneficial!

Throw Junk Away

If you can’t give something away, and you don’t think it’ll sell, it’s probably junk. Be vigilant and throw junk away. You can find same-day rubbish removal companies who will be happy to help you.

Go Paperless

Some people keep bits of paper they no longer need for months. Things such as bills and bank statements can be sent online, so you don’t have to worry about stashing the paper at all. Go paperless and you can relax!


If you do have paper lying around, make sure you do your bit and recycle. Lots of other things can be recycled too, so make sure you do some good for the environment. An environmentally friendly home is a happy one!

These tips will help you to stop hoarding and clean up your home once and for all. Don’t let it get out of hand. Tackle it right now and improve your life!


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