Saturday, December 5, 2015

8 Tips for an Incredible Looking Lawn

Having an incredible looking lawn is truly something to be proud of. It’ll make your garden look healthy, and it’ll stand out against the rest in your neighborhood. If you want to know the secrets for an incredible looking lawn, look no further:

Maintain Your Lawn Mower

You may have had your lawn mower for a while. However long you’ve had it, it’s important that you go out of your way to maintain it. Keeping the blades sharp and the whole thing in good condition will benefit your lawn to no end. You wouldn’t use a pair of blunt scissors on your hair, so don’t use blunt blades on your lawn.

Use a Special Fertilizer

A special fertilizer can help to keep your lawn lush and green. Make sure you follow the instructions to the letter to get your grass looking its absolute best in no time.

Use 1 inch, Once a Week

So many people think that you need to use a small amount of water a couple of times a week to keep your garden in good condition, but they’re wrong! A small sprinkling of water isn’t actually going to do much at all. You should try to use one inch of water, once a week to keep the grass looking its best.


Leave Your Grass Clippings Alone

A lot of people pick up their grass clippings after doing the lawn, as it keeps it looking tidier. However, if you want the best looking lawn, you should leave them. Your lawn will look great after a while, and you’ll save yourself some time! The grass clipping will decompose quickly, adding more nutrients to your grass and acting as a natural mulch.

Use Kitchen and Garden Waste for Better Grass

Why not use your kitchen and garden waste for better grass? All you have to do is make your own compost heap, and you’ll soon have a nutritious garden feed!

Alternate Your Mowing Patterns

Alternate your mowing patterns from time to time, so that your grass looks even and healthy. Make sure you only cut off as much as you need too. Don’t cut your grass too short!

Mow When the Grass is Dry

It’s always better to mow your grass when it’s dry. The grass won’t look nearly as neat and tidy if it’s wet, and your clippings will all clump together. Wait until the grass has dried, or do it before any predicted rain falls. You’ll get a much better finish!

Aerate Your Grass

Aerating your lawn gives the grass roots room to grow, and helps the grass to take in vital nutrients. A gas powered core aerator is best for this job!

I hope these 8 tips help you to make your lawn look amazing. The grass really doesn’t need to be greener on the other side; your garden can have it all! If you have any great tips for making your lawn look amazing, make sure you leave them below. Come back for more tips soon. Bye for now!


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