Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Party Theme?!

Tis the season ........that's right, Christmas is getting to close and I am far from prepared. To help get my head into the right spot I love to scroll the pages of Pinterest to get Christmas present ideas, however the present ideas aren't working for me right now because the main subject on my screen at the moment is Christmas parties! Who doesn't love to party and almost every weekend from now until Christmas is filled with some sort of Christmas party, whether it be family, friends or work. So to get in the spirit of the Christmas party I thought I would have a bit of fun with this post and share with you a party theme I have always wanted to do.....a casino party! How fun does that sound?!
I would love to host an amazing Christmas party with my friends and family this year based on the casino theme. I know it is a super expensive time of year so you wouldn't have to use actual money if you didn't want to, just pick up some play chips, allocate a certain amount to everyone that walks in the door and just have fun. Or if you love a bit of a gamble, make it fair and have a rule that you all start with the same amount, say $50-$100 per person, or more of course, it's completely up to you. If you all start with the same amount then it becomes more fun, if you lose it quickly it's gone and you get to watch but it means that there will be no cranky guests because you all started even. And then.....let the games begin!
There are so many amazing products available for casino themed parties, whether it be plates and cups or full card tables, you can hire caterers and waiters or just ask your friends to get a bit fancy and help you out. The options are endless with this theme, but where to start.....

The first place I would start is online, check out some casino's, have a look at their decor and style and learn the rules of the games. Then head out and start picking up your supplies. The first place I went was to Spotlight to grab some paper for some DIY decorations, some material to cover my tables with and any other casino themed products I could find. The colour scheme I have gone with is the basic red, black and white. Add glitter and sparkle to make it a bit more fancy and it looks great!
I also headed to my local Big W store where I managed to find a heap of casino/poker themed products including some fantastic cups, plates and invitations that fit in with my theme, basically Big W was the place to go!
Now let's get down to the good stuff, the tables!! The poker chips are super easy and super cheap, you can pick up a set at Big W, you can also pick up some of those fancy green hats for your dealers. The tables however are a little more pricey, you've got two options, buy one yourself, jump online to compare prices and see what you can find, or you can hire the equipment you need, check out Black Jack Nights to hire pretty much everything you need. Once you've got everything, set up your space as best as you can with as much room in front of the tables as possible. Unless you have a huge rumpus type room with little furniture, there is a fair chance you will need to clear out a few things. Then get your dealers ready to go, your friends in the door and party!! Doesn't that sound like the best night.....I hope some of you give it a go and send me through some photos, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

(Photos: Styled to Profit unless credited otherwise)

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