Saturday, December 12, 2015

Design Ideas For People With Bad Neighbours

Everybody needs good neighbours, right? Unfortunately, not everyone gets the pleasure of living near nice, friendly, and peaceful households. So, if all your luck has run out, and you end up with the neighbours from hell living next to you, what can you do about it?

Moving home is the most obvious idea that springs to mind. But, if you have spent years cultivating friendships in the area, love your life there, and have children in the local schools, it’s a big ask.

So, I’ve put together some simple design and improvements for you to try out. There’s an element of tongue in cheek here, for sure. But trust me - they might just make your life a little more bearable!

For the noisy neighbour

Noisy neighbours can cause havoc to your life. The din that emanates from their homes can be excruciating - and it can also cause you health problems. Stress, lack of sleep, an urge to commit a crime - none of them are ideal conditions!

So, try to dampen their noise by looking into soundproofing your home. Triple glazing your windows is a good start, but there are also some excellent sound insulation techniques out there these days.

You won’t live in perfect silence, but the noise will become a background hum, rather than a deafening din. Take a look over at the Soundblock website to see the type of thing you can expect.

For the dodgy characters

Many neighbourhoods have at least one household nearby that might be well acquainted with the local law enforcement. It’s a difficult thing to talk about without sounding snobby, but let’s be honest - it’s the nightmare scenario.

It might not be the family themselves, of course - it may be their friends or acquaintances that cause you concern. The key point to make is that you need to keep yourself on your toes.

If you get so much of a glimpse of a shady-looking character giving your home the once over, make sure you invest in some security. Get an alarm system, some motion sensor lighting for your garden, and secure your home with CCTV. In fact, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your property and your family. So, think about complementing your security system with one of these fine fellows.

For the over-friendly neighbour

At least those neighbours that you don’t like tend to stay away from you. But, there’s another kind that is, perhaps, even more irritating.

The over-friendly neighbour thinks that just because you live near each other, you are like long-lost relatives. And, that they can intrude into your life whenever they feel like it. Maybe they just waltz through your front door to say hello, or they are always taking a peek over the fence.

The first issue is easy to deal with - just call the police and invest in better locks. But the second? Nothing is more awkward when you are catching some rays in the privacy of your garden, and you realise your next door neighbour is getting an eyeful. So, maybe it’s time to invest in a bigger fence.

Electrifying it and putting barbed wire across the top are optional extras, of course.


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