Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays!!

Well hasn't 2015 been a big year!? It has for me anyway, so may amazing things but best of all would have to be the new addition to our family, baby Georgie, born in September. She is now greeting us with smiles galore and making our days that little bit brighter. It's been a busy year for the blog too, I have been trying to post weekly, sometimes that works, other times it doesn't. I want to work to a schedule but with running around after two little ones aged 2 and 3 months it has been a little bit hard.
I do have so much in the works for you all for next year, I'm super excited for 2016. We will be teaming up with some fantastic businesses in the new year. I have found so many amazing small businesses lately and have fallen head over heels for so many of their products. Kids rooms are really on top of my LOVE list lately, I have so many fun stores to share with you. We are also only days away from signing a contract to build a house in our backyard, so fingers crossed that gets started early January. So many fun styling ideas coming your way!
For now I want to wish all an amazing holidays. I hope that this festive season your homes are filled with so much love and giggles and you enjoy celebrating the new year with a bang. I will be taking some time off to spend with my family for the next few weeks but look forward to being back on your screens in January


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