Saturday, December 5, 2015

Revamp Your Outside Space For A Touch Of Outdoor Luxury

Lots of us strive to make our homes luxurious. We spend time researching the latest trends and brands to furnish our home. Decor is important to the luxury look. Each season, it’s important to revamp those finishing touches to give our homes a fresh and contemporary look.

It’s also possible to take as much care and attention to detail outdoors as well. When the weather is good, most of us like to enjoy our gardens. They make great entertaining spaces. Your garden could also be an ideal place to keep fit if you have a pool as well. Often, these places can become neglected or scruffy looking. It’s important to keep on top of your garden maintenance.

If you are looking to revamp your outdoor space for the Summer season, then there are plenty of exciting project ideas you can take on. Start with your pool area. This is usually the space that suffers in the cold season. You may need to call in your pool cleaner to get everything looking good again. But you could also redesign your pool area with new planting, paving and balustrades.

Paving to and from your pool area needn’t be dull and boring. Sandstone pavers offer a touch of luxury as well as a gorgeous honey colouring to your yard. Use them to surround the pool and as stepping stones to and from the area. They can be used all over your yard to lead you to the different areas. Some people use them as patio areas for dining too. Or you could use it as decorative paving to tidy up your lawn area.

The colour of sandstone is perfect for complementing lawn, planting, and wooden dining sets. The natural patterns look great on a dull or bright day. When you are redesigning your yard, it’s important to use colours that will look good whatever the weather. Choose from a palette of complementary colours like pinks and purples or oranges and reds. Some colours like yellows go with almost everything.

Luxury lighting fittings bring your garden to life even after dark. You can use lamps or fittings in your dining area. Why not install some pool lights so you can make the most of an evening swim or jacuzzi? Lighting the lawn and planting brings the colours of your garden to life at any time of the night or day. They can also be used alongside your pavers to help light your path to the house.

Lighting can be powered by solar panels. If you have water features or ponds, these can also be powered in this way to keep your new garden energy efficient. To add extra luxury to your outdoor area, why not use outdoor fairy lights to give it a touch of sparkle? They won’t cost you anything to run, but they can make any area feel cosy and warm.

There are plenty of ways you can add a touch of luxury to your garden. Glass panel balustrades, solar light fittings and sandstone pavers are just a few ideas you can try. Make the most of your outdoor space this Summer.


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