Friday, January 1, 2016

Here's to a GREAT 2016!

Do you do new year resolutions? I always set myself a little resolution, nothing too extravagant, or unrealistic and nothing I really choose to share with other people. However each year when I think about what I want the next year to be about it is generally the same thing each year. I want next year to be GREAT. That involves everything in between now and achieving that greatness, so things like being happy, being active, losing weight of course, making my girls happy, giving them every opportunity I can and generally spending each day doing something great. I have talked about this a bit in a previous post but now it is time to get started...

I hope you all had a fantastic new year, we didn't really do much, already sleep deprived with a little one and a toddler we decided to have a quiet one. So waking up on January 1st feeling fresh and ready to go I started thinking about what adventures this year would bring. First things first, learn to feel great about myself. To help me with that I've got my Daily Greatness Journal.
These journals are help prepare for each day and assist with that extra motivation. Fitness is a big part of my greatness goals for this year, very luckily I snagged myself one of these for Christmas.
It's called a Leaf Health and Fitness Tracker by Bellabeat. Head over to their website here to check them out. In my opinion it is the first pretty fitness tracker on the market and I'm already in love!!

I also have plans to head back to the gym, after months on bed rest and then not being able to exercise due to c-section delivery I feel like I'm ready to get back into it. I love the Les Mills Body Balance class and the Les Mills Body Attack class. It might take me a bit longer to get back into Body Attack but I can't wait!

I definitely feel like I'm on my way to feeling great about myself, bring on 2016!!


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