Friday, January 8, 2016

How To Style The Exterior Of Your Home

Most of us are passionate about interior design and styling our homes. And we know just how much it’s worth to the value of our homes too. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that the outside of our homes need to be just as attractive. Gardens are especially popular right now as people want to use their outside areas for more and more purposes.

The first thing to consider is your home’s kerb appeal. What does your house look like to passers-by on the street? Take a picture from the other side of the road, and see what you think. Could the windows be better dressed? Perhaps the rendering is starting to a look a little tatty. If you have gardens and shrubs at the front, it’s important to keep them neat and tidy.

You could also repaint your front door. Hot reds are a very popular colour right now. Vibrant purples can look very stylish too. Maybe you could change the door knocker to something more contemporary? Even the porch lighting fixture could make a difference to the overall appeal of the front of your home.

The back garden is one of the most popular places to entertain guests. Barbecues and al fresco dining make this area very difficult to maintain to a high standard. If you are about to redesign your garden, consider the best places for outdoor dining. You want to be within close proximity to a door back to the house, but you also want to be at the best vantage point to admire the planting.

You may also have a pool area in your backyard. This should be securely gated to avoid children and pets coming to harm. Are you looking for a bespoke design to create a good flow from one area to another? You could use a company like Tim Davies Landscaping to offer a detailed plan. It can take a lot of work to redesign an entire garden, so consider calling in a professional team.

Are you styling your garden with a view to increasing the value of your home? Consider creating different areas for everyone in the household. You might need a pet area that is separate from the kiddy play area. Soft artificial grass or play bark could be installed to provide a safer surface for the children. You may want an outside dining room, complete with grill and dining suite.

Low maintenance planting is very popular. Low shrubs and small areas of lawn offer plenty of greenery. Paths and seating areas could be decked to help retain a natural look to your garden. You may also want to have some flowers in pots that can be moved around to add a splash of colour to the different areas. And if you want to grow your own food, this can be done in pots too.

Adding outdoor lighting to your exterior areas helps your home look attractive whatever the hour. Colourful Tiki lights can be particularly appealing. Try to make your garden one of the best rooms for you to enjoy at your home.

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