Friday, January 8, 2016

Yay we've started digging!!

This day has been such a long time coming. If you've been reading my blog for a little while you will remember that we bought our house to subdivide and build a house in our backyard. The plan was to be in this house for 12 months and then move into the house in the backyard. Well so far it's been just over 18 months and we have only just started digging up the backyard.....FINALLY!!!

Don't get me wrong I understand the whole process takes time but wow the set backs have been super frustrating. So today I'm so freaking excited about the massive trucks around our house making a heap of noise digging up our backyard.

For the next 6 or so months we won't have a backyard, no where for our daughter to run around, no where to park our cars, dirt everywhere, noise and trucks showing up super early every day.......and I couldn't be more excited!!!

I can't wait to share the whole process with you all and of course get to styling our new house. I have already got a box full or stuff to decorate that I have been holding onto for months! Our plans are always changing so I'm not going to make the same mistakes with this house as I have every other one. We have already lived in 2 temporary houses, this temporary house will be number 3 until we find and move into our family home. The home that we will live in for 20+ years, the home we will raise our children in. I have so many fun ideas that I can't wait to get stuck into. I guess I'm lucky though, trends change, and because we are moving so often I get to keep up with the trends and change styles all the time!

So many exciting things headed our way and I hope you can all be part of it.


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