Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Turn Your Jungle Into A Garden

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it exceptionally easy to forget you even have a garden. While I love and care for the interior of my home, the garden comes pretty low on the list. Of course, a lot of people seem to love stepping in cat excrement and tripping over weeds into anthills. Unfortunately, you’ll need to pander to their standards as summer rolls around! Here are some tips for tidying up your jungle.
If you’re reading this because you’ve just moved in, then my first tip is not to touch the garden. That’s a relief, right? This doesn’t mean you can get off of the work completely though! As the days go by, look out and pay attention to which areas get sun and which are shaded. Remember where certain kinds of plants grow, and how well the survive. This will give you a nice starting point for sprucing up the garden. You can find some info on “shade planting” at the Royal Horticultural Society website.

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After this, you can start doing some solid planning. Try and look for the most expensive decisions first. It’s pretty common for people to hold onto gardening equipment for years, without paying any attention to the condition of it. Visit some centres like lawn mower store, Beacon Equipment if you know you need to refresh your arsenal. Next, think about where any natural pathways are in the garden, where your kids like to play, or any areas that could do with a focal point. This will give you a better idea of where you can add and remove different things.
Looking out and thinking about your garden is no big deal. Eventually though, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty! A good thing to start with is a thorough weeding of the whole garden. Tear up any grass and weeds from flowerbeds, and lay down some mulch to improve the quality of the soil. Edge the grass with your shiny new lawnmower, and trim some of the dead wood from trees and shrubs. If you have any focal points, like a bench or birdbath, add these in. Just make sure it’s within the budget before rushing out to buy one!
Next, start planting some fresh life. Add calm, neutral colours near seating areas and decks. Save more vibrant flowers for some of the flowerbeds around the edges. Before you’re able to get creative with all of this, you may need to have a big purge of the whole garden. Dig up any rotting or diseased plants, and throw them away. You may have other plants which are healthy, but are in the wrong place. If you find any healthy flowers which are too packed together, or not getting enough shade, then transplant them to another area. Most shrubs can be moved, but make sure you identify them and make sure.
By the time you’re done with these tips, your garden will look pretty welcoming. Reward yourself by getting a cold drink, a good book, and shutting yourself inside to forget it for another year!


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