Tuesday, May 17, 2016

3 Ways To Create A Kid-Friendly Garden

A garden is the perfect place for kid’s to play and learn more about the natural world. They can play outdoor games, discover animals and enjoy being in the great outdoors. If you’re a parent or from a large family, it’s likely you will have children playing in your garden a lot. Whether it’s at birthday parties or family get-togethers. So you need to make sure it is safe, fun and enjoyable for them to use for any occasion. To create a fabulous kid-friendly garden that encourages fun and creativity, use these ideas to help get you started.

Create a home for wildlife

Children love exploring, especially when animals are involved. So make your garden a hub of animal activity that they can enjoy and discover. You could install bird feeders, baths and houses at different points in your garden. Or you might want to add plants that certain insects are attracted to. Add rocks or create piles of twigs and leaves to create a home for insects and small animals. This will not only be excellent for the children but can also make your garden look better as a result. Do your research to discover which animals live in your neighborhood and how to make your garden appeal to them.

Make it secure

Kid-friendly gardens need to be fun, but they also need to be safe. Check the perimeter of your garden to ensure there are no gaps which they can crawl through. This is particularly important if you live near to busy roads and railway lines. Remove plants and flowers that have sharp stems and branches. Add lighting to walkways and decks so it is easy for the children to see steps and rocks they might trip over. You should also consider adding a screen door to your back door. This will enhance your view and lets you keep a better eye on their playtime from indoors. Never leave kids unattended when near to pools or water. Take a look at Central Screens security screen doors or outdoor lighting specialists for further details.

Introduce a kid zone

Sectioning your garden is a fantastic idea as it lets you have an area of adults and kids to use. Choose an area or corner of your garden that provides sufficient space for them to use. You could create a kid zone that includes a tree house or playhouse. Teepees are also a brilliant option you should consider. Or you could build your own mini kitchen or supermarket using old wood and plastic toys. Think about your children or any other children use your garden and consider their interest. For instance, if they like pirates you could create a ship like structure and use blue flowers to replicate the ocean. The possibilities are endless so get creative.

These are a few ways in which you can make your garden instantly more child-friendly. Safety should be a priority to put your mind at ease and to make their playtime even more enjoyable. Talk to your children or family members to see what other additions you could introduce into the space. It will be hard to get your children to spend any time indoors with a garden this fun.


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