Thursday, May 19, 2016

DIY Disasters: The Ones You Can Laugh About After They Have Happened

We can sometimes have the best intentions, can’t we? We think we are perfectly capable of painting that room, building that piece of furniture and even putting up those floating shelves. But, more often than not, the skills we think we have in our heads don’t always turn into reality. This can be quite a cause for argument amongst some couples or friends. There may be a lot of “I told you so” comments. But most of the time you end up laughing about those very obvious DIY disasters that take place. So I thought it would be nice to look at some of the things that happen most often when it comes to DIY, I wonder how many you will be nodding your head to?


Wonky shelves

Admit it! We have all been there, right? Putting up shelves and they don’t quite match. Or perhaps they align, but both seem to have a bit of an incline. It happens. Putting up shelves is tricky business. At the time, you may be infuriated with yourself or your partner if they did it. But over time, if it has been one of them things you have left, you will always look at those shelves and giggle. I think it’s a safe bet that many houses in this country will have it’s fair share of wonky shelves.

Paint spillage

You do all that you can to be careful with the paint. One false move and you're a goner. Then it happens. The paint goes everywhere. It’s a real easy mistake to make, and it’s not something that’s down to skill either. Mostly, this will just be a simple error or mistake. Sometimes we can just have a bit of bad luck. While it’s something you will want to get cleaned up straight away, it’s worth calling in a paint spill removal service. However, in the future you will look back on that now clean patch and smile, I assure you.

Flat pack furniture

The dreaded flat pack furniture. The ones with unreadable instructions and a million different pieces. The disaster being that you are so sure that you can put it together, without checking the instructions that you do so in the wrong way. You end up with screws and pieces left over and the furniture certainly doesn’t look like the picture. But, it’s more hassle than it’s worth to take it apart and rebuild than just leaving it how it is. It’s functional. It does a job. While you may look at it with anger or resentment at first, you will grow to become very fond of that piece of furniture in the future.

I think we all have our DIY disasters at some point in our lives. Some may be big epic fails, and others not so bad. It’s how we learn I suppose. They also say that a couple who can get through flat pack furniture and paint spillage disasters are a couple that stays together. At least for the laughs anyway.


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