Monday, June 20, 2016

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Removal Companies

You’ve found the perfect house; you’ve exchange contracts, and you have your moving date. You’re so close to being in your new home, but there is still so much to organize. Here are some of our top tips for why you shouldn’t ignore removal companies when moving home:

You’ll save so much time

Moving house is hectic, mostly because it’s so fast-paced, trying to squeeze so much into one day. Hiring a removalist company means you’ll have an extra pair of hands (or two), as well as a van. This can significantly cut down how many trips you end up doing, and how long loading takes. More hands make light work and all!

Peace of mind is priceless

Worrying if anything is going to get broken or damaged during the move is one of the most stressful things. It’s inevitable that something will get knocked over or bumped when moving home. Or you can reduce this risk by hiring a removal company. Also, if something does get damaged, such as a TV, you can claim on insurance. Be sure to ask what type of cover they have before the big day.  

Your friends and family will thank you

When you’re moving house, friends and relatives will always offer to help, if they can. Repaying your loved ones with a takeaway and a couple of drinks after a day of heavy lifting is an excellent way to say thanks. Or they probably didn’t agree to 10 hours of shifting and bickering that comes with moving house. Hire some professionals to move your belongings to take the stress off of your friends and family.

It’ll take the stress out of moving

The night before you get the keys to your new home, you’ll probably experience all kinds of emotions. It can be a bit overwhelming and stressful thinking about everything that needs to happen the following day. Hiring a removals company is an excellent way to take some stress out of the day. You’ll know that you have everything you need to get your stuff from A to B, quickly and safely.

Having the right vehicle for the job

Moving a house full of furniture in a car isn’t the best way to transport your things to another property. You’ll end up doing countless trips, wasting both fuel and time unnecessarily. Hiring a man with a van means you’ll get not only support but also the right vehicle for the job.

You won’t end up in hospital

If you’re not used to heavy lifting, you might end up doing some damage to yourself. Lifting lots of furniture all day isn’t how most of us usually spend our days. You can end up causing some serious damage to your back. Or you might end up trying to carry something too heavy, and dropping it. To avoid ending up in accident and emergency on moving day, call in some professionals.

If you’ve got any tips on why else you should hire a removal company, share your thoughts below.


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