Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Battle between Custom Made and Manufactured

My husband and I were wandering around a furniture store last weekend trying to find a new dining table. We need one to fill the gaping hole that is our meals area. I love the round wooden tables with wood and white chairs, I even love the industrial metal chairs and concrete table tops but haven't quite decided on my selection yet. We were also looking for a new desk for the man of the house. He works from home quite a bit and really needs a new desk. He isn't quite sure what he wants either but we thought we might get a bit of inspiration walking around a few furniture stores.

Well we didn't find anything we really wanted!! We ended up just temporarily filling the meals area with this table and chair combo.

I had seen it in the Real Living Magazine recently and loved it then. I was a tad disappointed with the quality of it but for a few hundred dollars what can you expect? Sadly my husband came home empty handed. Whilst he didn't know what he really wanted he didn't find anything he really liked either. 

Our dilemma had me thinking how hard it can be to find the exact piece of furniture you had in mind. It's rare to walk into a pre manufactured furniture store and fall in love with one of their items on the showroom floor. Well rare for me anyway.  It drives my husband crazy walking into so many furniture stores and me never finding what I want. One of the downsides of working with interiors I guess. I find a lot of overseas furniture that is beautiful but it's not quite in my budget to have furniture delivered from Denmark to Australia. Got to have a limit somewhere right?!

After coming home almost empty handed I jumped online and started looking into custom made furniture, it can definitely be more expensive but with the quality you receive and getting exactly what you want I feel like the benefits really out weight the negatives in this battle. I think I have found some tables that I love but I think I need to start saving!! 

I absolutely love the work they do at Ingrain Designs and really look forward to the day I can showcase some of their work in my home. And the best part, if there is something I don't like about it....I can change it!

Enough of me though, my husband is STILL looking for a new desk! Argh he is more indecisive then I am. I found some great companies that custom make them like Redfox and Wilcox. Theirs are beautiful, might be more my taste than his though...

Hudson make custom made office furniture as well, the quality of their work looks beautiful to and they probably fit into my husbands tastes a bit better. Really intricate details in their beautiful office furniture.

So when it comes to the battle between manufactured and custom made furniture I know which one I would pick every time. I also love the idea of having a piece of furniture that no one else has. I strongly believe in being an individual and standing out from the crowd. Being yourself not following others, so owning something that is completely and entirely you is amazing and really satisfying. As long as I save my coins I might have enough money to fill up my home with beautiful custom made furniture one day, maybe in about 10 years!! I tend to have expensive taste.

I love discovering new small businesses so if you know of any that you would like to share please let me know. I always like to add to my supplier list!


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