Friday, June 17, 2016

Preparing Your House For Viewing Is Easier Than You Think

When you are getting your home ready for sale, it can be difficult making sure you have remembered everything. Even if you have been through the process many times before, it is still rarely a walk in the park. But there is good news. With a little focus and determination, preparing your house for those viewings can be straightforward. The trick is really in knowing what needs doing and what you can easily leave alone. Once you are clear on that, you can then spend your time actually doing what needs to be done. Part of the problem for many people is that they are unclear on what needs doing at what stage. To help you out, then, we have put together this short post. Here is how to make preparing your house for viewing a much easier affair.


Fix Any Underlying Issues

This is an important place to start, and for a number of reasons. It makes little sense to be putting your house on the market if there is anything seriously wrong with it. With that in mind, spend a good deal of time fixing all of the underlying issues which the house might have. Sometimes, it just so happens that you don’t notice these issues until it is almost too late. Even if you only notice a leaky pipe the day before a viewing, you can still get it sorted out. Call an emergency plumber and have them deal with it as soon as possible. Ultimately, this is a necessary first step in getting your home ready for viewings.

Brighten Up

Colour scheme is a massive influencing factor for people when they are viewing houses. The good news here is that changing your colour scheme at home is a quick way to improve the overall effect. This can be great if you don’t know what exactly to do, but you know that something needs doing. Changing the colour scheme is as simple as grabbing a paintbrush and spending a weekend painting the walls. If you get the whole family involved, it can be a doddle.

Remember Kerb Appeal

Most of the work is done, in fact, before anyone gets into your home. They say that first impressions are what really count. Well, as that is true for people, it is just as true for your home. When you are getting your home ready for viewings, it is vital not to forget the outside kerb appeal. You need to ensure that, when people are arriving, they are immediately amazed by the state of your house. Work hard to keep your front lawn as pristine as possible. If necessary, invest in a new knocker for the front door, or perhaps repaint the door. With these little changes, you can make a world of difference.

Keep The Pets Out

When you have people coming over for viewings, one great tip is to keep your pets away. If you can have them stay with a friend for the day, then that is ideal. Pets often give an impression of uncleanliness. Though this might not be accurate or fair, it’s true that many people get turned off by dogs and cats. It pays to do everything in your power to avoid putting people off.


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