Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3 Reasons Your Why You Are Failing At Selling Your House (And How to Fix Them)

Let's be honest, selling your house isn't the easiest thing in the world to do. If you're reading this article, you probably know that already. To stop you tearing your hair out trying to sell your abode, then see what you can do about it below.


It's way too cluttered

The first rule of selling your house is to get rid of all your junk. While you might think that your 80’s lucky troll collection is the bomb, you may be surprised to find out that not all potential buyers will share your view.  You are trying to create a blank canvas so that the buyer can imagine their life in that home. Excessive knick knacks family photos and overfilled rooms will only work against you.

Even before you get the agent round to take pictures, you are going to need to be ruthless and trim those rooms down to their bare minimum. Make sure you get the balance right, though. You want modern and simple not prison cell chic!

It's hard work, moving furniture around and tidying up the garden. If you are feeling a bit overcome with it all, lighten the load by using affordable rubbish removal services. Letting someone pick up the stuff you have cleared out will save you time and help you not to become too exhausted with the moving process.

It doesn't smell as nice as it could

Another issue sellers have when putting their house on the market can be a bit of a delicate one. That's right the smell of your house may prevent a sale. No one wants to put all their hard earned savings into a new home that smells like wet dog, smoke or damp.

Make sure that Fido waits outside while people are looking round your place, so it smells good. Don't smoke in the house and get any damp sorted before your try and sell. Use these freshen up tips to help you. Some people goes as far as to recommend going bit ‘Better Crocker.’ Bake some cookies or bread, to give off a nice inviting smell to potential buyers. Just try to not to eat them all before they arrive!

Your taste is avant-garde

Another problem sellers come across is that their home is, well, uniquely theirs. What we are trying to say here, in the nicest possible way is that someone's taste is just so unique that potential buyers won't always understand it. Neon walls, black carpets or other furnishings are not going to get the buyers beating down your door. You might want to consider a bit of redecoration before your sell.

Boring as it is, buyers like white walls and cream carpets. They like to know they can move straight in without spending buckets of money and time on the place to make it livable for them. Do yourself a favor and pop down to the hardware store and grab and few tins of hogsbristle paint.



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