Friday, July 29, 2016

Five Tips For Making A Home Move Straightforward

Moving home is all about making the most of your resources. When you have so much to do, an entire life to transport, any shortcuts are going to be welcomed. There are plenty of little space and time savers that can make the process easier.
1. Clothes Are Packaging Materials
If you don't want to spend frankly obscene amounts of money on bubblewrap you will use once and discard, use what you've got. Clothes can be wrapped around precious items to keep them safe, adding a free layer of protection. You can use belts to secure the wrappings together, too.
2. Play Tetris With Moving Boxes
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So many moving boxes end up having endless amounts of space in them to accomodate oddly shaped items. Think about things that can go into the space, even if it makes for some strange box-fellows. For example, your TV can be joined by packets of sauce and stir fry mix from the kitchen, rolled up to slot into awkward space. There's an extra layer of cushioning with this method too, so everything wins.
3. Clothes Rails
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For the clothes that you've not used to protect ornaments and other precious items, consider a movable rail. Rather than packing a box, sealing it and then reversing the process, you just sling things on the rail and transport it intact. This is best if you are using a moving van such as those provided by Able Removals, so there's plenty of room for a fully erect rail.
4. Vacuum Seal Bags
While not a new phenomenon, it seems there are still plenty of people who have not wised up to the ease that vacuum bags offer. The principle is simple: you insert soft items into the bag. It's ideal for things like pillows, cushions, duvets and comforters. Then attach a vacuum hose and remove the air, making cumbersome items into small, easily liftable packages. Do this for anything soft, including children's toys and towels.
5. Have A Box Of Essential Items
Moving is one of the more gruelling processes you'll go through in life, and you just want it over with. So you'll want to get everything into the property as soon as possible before putting it all away. Make sure that anything you may need at a moment's notice during the process is packed into one box which is readily accessible. Things like convenience food, medication and any essential appliances go in this one. Put it in the removal van last.
When you've got everything in to the new house, the job isn't over. There is finding space, putting everything away and tidying up to be done, so it can go late no matter how early you started. Your daily routine can easily go out the window, but remember that things will inevitably go slower if you're hungry or in pain.

So as much as you may want to rush things, do remember to eat, take on water and use pain relief at regular intervals throughout the day. And even if you normally avoid takeout food, this might be the time to compromise on that.

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