Sunday, July 3, 2016

Freshen Your Home The Easy Way With These Tips

Do you ever come in from a run around the park and think “oh my word, what is that stink”? There have probably been times when you just can’t figure out what that unappealing smell might be that lurks around the house. And then you remember you’re entertaining that evening. You don’t want to be embarrassed by something less that pleasant hitting them in the nostrils!

Bad odours accumulate so easily in the house. They come from cooking, they come from the bathroom, and they even come from outside. Because the air is quite still indoors, these less than fantastic aromas just can’t escape. The first thing to do when you don’t like how the house is smelling is to open the windows and let the wind blow it out. This fresh burst of air will also help you feel better. New air rushes in, pushing stale air out. How refreshing!

Of course, there are times when those whiffs have a deep, dark, and scary source. Do you have a cat? Have you ever had them bring in a small feathered playmate, get bored of it when it stopped moving and then left it there under the sofa? After a few days, you will definitely know about it! Pets also have a nasty habit of having toileting accidents. Sometimes you have to just sniff it out to find it and dispose of it. Then comes the joy of cleaning up!

Our fridges are full of strong scents too. Leftovers and open packets can build up into quite a symphony of smells in no time. That’s not to say they’re unpleasant. But maybe as an ensemble, the whiff can be a bit overpowering! Some people like to leave a bowl of lemon juice in the fridge. Others use bicarbonate of soda. The idea is that they will absorb the excess smells, so when you open the fridge, they won’t fill the kitchen.

After replacing the stale air in the house with fresh, why not scent the air with something more appealing? Scented candles are excellent at perfuming a house with any delicious scent you fancy. And you can even buy 1 kilogram scented candles for a longer burn time. They look stylish in the room too, as they come in different colours, sizes, and patterns. There’s something quite mesmerising about staring at the little flame on the top too.

Bathrooms can harbour odours that are very difficult to get rid of. And I’m not referring to the toilet! Your bathtub often remains damp for hours as we wait for them to air dry. But the extra moisture in the room starts to make the walls, ceilings, mats, and towels damp too. Mould and mildew can build up in the grouting and around the seals. Not only does it look horrible, but it can smell damp and yucky too. It may be noisy, but using your extractor fan greatly reduces the risk of this happening. Unless you want to dry your tub and walls with a towel? Bleach doesn’t smell great either, so try to use cleaning products that protect against buildup. Stay fresh!


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