Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More fun selections

Following up from my last post about my super fun job selecting finishes for our new house, there were a few final things I had to choose, these are a little more mundane and not as beautiful but really important to the finished product. I know all my posts recently have been new house related, sorry about that, but I love this stuff so want to make sure I'm spreading the joy just a little, the world really needs it right now. Rest assured though this is my last house post for a little bit because tomorrow we head off on our New York adventure......man I'm scared! I know it will be great but I just need to get there already so I can relax!

So doors.....I really dislike door selections, there are limited options and they are kinda dull, we just went with a flat door on the inside, including a few cavity doors. Our sliding wardrobe doors are frosted glass which will be beautiful. Our builder tried to make us do mirrored, no way! Way too many finger prints meaning way too much cleaning...no thanks! Front doors on the other hand, this is my dream...

This is what we're getting (in stained wood)...


Lever handles are going on the doors, maybe a little higher than standard so little hands can't reach them and scare mum and dad in the middle of the night ;).

We have gone with the colour Woodland Grey from Dulux on our window frames. We did that with our last house and I quite liked it, simple but it stands out quite a bit.  I like small features standing out rather than an entire feature wall.  Hopefully they stand out really well with the wall colour, hanging out to see the finished product......hurry up already!

We are having ducted heating which is amazing, although it is in the ceiling. I have never had ceiling heating before and I'm not 100% convinced that it is what I want but we don't have a choice with the house on a slab. Will need to get used to it but I'm sure it wont take very long.

Our contract includes an air conditioning allowance. We will be getting split system air conditioners both upstairs and downstairs. I have been really confused about placement of the air conditioner upstairs. Basically you walk up the stairs and see 4 doors, 2 bedroom doors, a bathroom and a toilet door. That's it, there is barely a hallway connecting all of them so where to put the air conditioner??? We are getting something like the ones available at www.deepchill.com.au, I think what we might have to do is get 2 smaller air conditioners to go in the bedrooms upstairs, if we put one big one in it would be facing a wall and would really be ineffective. I'm not about to waste money on something that won't work very well.  Downstairs the air conditioner will face the living and dining area which will also spread into the 2 bedrooms downstairs. I think that one is sorted, we just need to get the builder on board with the upstairs systems.

So what else.......We didn't need to select handles for our kitchen, we are having the push to open doors and drawers for a super sleek design, otherwise I think that's it. I think all my selections are done and anything I've missed can wait until the end.

So now I'm off to finish my packing and get ready for bed before getting up super early to head to the airport. I'm so exhausted already and I have 24 hours of travel ahead of me still, argh I can't wait to get there already and get settled in. I also can't wait to share our new adventures with you and the beautiful apartment we're staying in, now that I am excited about!


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