Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My favourite part of the build

I spent the day today driving around the eastern suburbs on Melbourne with our builder doing one of my favourite things. Can you guess what it is..........

If you read my last post you will see that we are about to embark on an incredible journey and move to New York for a few months. Because we are doing this we need to make any and all decisions and selections about the house in our backyard before we go. So today was spent doing exactly that, selecting all fixtures and fittings. Oh it was so much fun! I had done a heap of research and knew exactly what I wanted before I even set foot in each of these shops. You will have to excuse the terrible photography but I took photos of some of our options in the factories but hopefully you get the idea.

First place was flooring, we are having floorboards throughout the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms. We are looking for something super versatile that will work with our furniture, wall colour, any cabinetry and of course the abundance of toys that grace our floors on a daily basis. Because of this we decided to stick with something pretty neutral but beautiful at the same time. I am super excited about our floorboards, I am not a fan of floating floors, I really dislike the plastic look and feel that you get when you walk on them. We decided that we wanted to spend a bit more money on the floors and actually get wooden floorboards, I can't wait to see them in the house.

The carpet that we chose is pretty neutral too, just a basic grey nylon carpet that will ensure the wrath of toddlers, pretty basic this one.

Our next stop was kitchens, I love white kitchens but my husband thinks they are a bit cold, he is totally right but there are so many ways to warm them up so that was my goal today. Get my beloved white kitchen but warm it up the hubby with something I know he loves.  So here are the selections we made.... The wood grain will be the cabinets that run along the roof, the white will be the drawers that run along the floor and the white/greyish stone will be the bench top. The bench top will run along the back and then a waterfall bench on the island. There are so many things that this house will bring to us that is completely new. In each of our houses we have never lived with an island bench, simple but exciting. I have also never had a walk in robe......pretty freaking excited about that! Will make sure I buy enough clothing while we are in New York to fill it up.

Next stop, the tile shop! We had seen some beautiful bathrooms on Houzz that we loved so I ran with that theory. We are having floor to ceiling tiles so I wanted to make sure we has a special feature wall. So here are our bathroom tiles....The grey tile with the grain will run along the floor and up one of the main walls as a feature. The tiles will run horizontally in both bathrooms. We already have high ceilings so we don't need to add any more height, or the perception of height. Then the white subway tile is slightly longer than your standard but I love it that little bit longer. Those tiles will cover the rest of the walls. The vanity will be a wood grain with a white top to add a bit of warmth to the room. Add some towels and some funky accessories and you have a beautiful bathroom. I am so pumped to see this finished.

I still need to make the bathroom selections done. I can check them out online but I really like these shower heads. They add so much class to the bathroom so I can't go passed them. I will get matching taps any towel rails so that they all work well together. After all of these selections are made all we need to worry about is the doors and door handles. We are going to go with some standard finish flat doors in white with maybe satin finish lever handles. We have always had satin finish silver handles but I'm just a bit worried about the lever style, they might not look right right satin, maybe gloss is the better option. Hmmm so many options. We're almost there. I'll be sure to share part 2 with you once we have finished our selections.


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