Sunday, July 3, 2016

So many more reasons to catch up

There is some super exciting things happening under our roof at the moment that I really just couldn't wait to share. In my last catch up post I wrote about the house in our backyard and the work being done on the outside of our current home. That is all still progressing nicely and we are still planning on selling our house in the next few months, however something else pretty big has been thrown into the mix.

I don't tend to share this information much, mainly for privacy and security reasons, but my husband does a little bit of travel with his job, and by travel I don't mean Sydney, Brisbane, Perth etc, I mean Switzerland, France, USA, Italy etc.  Lucky man I know! I have written posts in the past about the travel that myself and my eldest daughter have been lucky enough to do with him. We have been to some amazing places and feel very lucky to have had the opportunities that we have had. The next opportunity that has been sent our way is basically packing up our family for a few months and moving overseas.  I was a bit nervous about the location, it changed a few times before they decided where they needed my husband to be, luckily for us they decided on NEW YORK!!!

Thats right, our little family of 4 are going to be moving to New York for a few months. I feel like it is just the right amount of time for our family to be away from everyone we know. If it was going to be 12 months or more I would probably be a bit more uncomfortable but right now I am just excited. We are getting some help to find accommodation and I can't wait to see where we stay. Hoping for a 3 bedroom apartment somewhere but I know that could be super expensive so will just have to wait and see what we end up with. I am also super excited to see the inside of an American home, whilst it is just another home the USA do things a tad differently. They tend to use really dark woods and lots of granite. Every home that we have looked at is quite small for a pretty large price tag but that doesn't really bother me, we are only going to be there for a few months. The kitchens look quite small as well, my kitchen is not very big either but they squeeze a lot into such a little space so they must be great at using whatever space they have and being really practical. I'll be sure to share the photos when we find a place.

My husband is a little bit worried about me in the USA though, I already have a list of items that I can't wait to buy, things in the USA are a little cheaper than they are here in Melbourne, Australia. I love scrolling the Pinterest pages, reading blogs and watching youtube videos and most of the people I follow are American. The products that I find on these pages and love I often find are not available in Australia, or they just don't ship that far away. I am definitely going to need to send a few boxes home with all of my purchases, may have to get my Christmas shopping done while I'm there as well. Oh I hope we stay near some shops!!!

I do love shopping but at the end of the day, I really hope our accommodation will have beds to sleep in, a kitchen to cook beautiful food, a grocery store nearby and a park wouldn't hurt either, otherwise we can work with anything and have fun. I can't wait to share to photos of our little journey with you when we get there, which is in July I might add so not far away! Can't hold my excitement for too long...


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