Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NYC Adventure

We've been living in the US now for around 3 weeks, it's gone super quickly already but we still have just over 2 months to go.....wow! We have a few things planned between weekend trips, family coming to visit, our girls Birthdays and of course just being here. I'm sure the next few months will go super quickly. I am finding it hard however to fill up our days when my husband is at work. There are around 4 parks walking distance from our house, all of them have water play which is amazing and seriously lacking in Australia, but aside from going for a walk to the park for a play and a splash, there really isn't anything for us to do. We are living just over the Hudson River in New Jersey, about a 10 minute bus ride to Times Square in New York, which is amazing! Although I'm not super keen on going into Manhattan with 2 kids on my own. Miss very soon to be 3 has decided she doesn't like walking more than 100 metres and of course miss almost 1 can't walk, kinda hard for me to push 2 prams on my own, and the thought of my eldest running off in Times Square is enough to scare me into staying away. We are close but not too close. The area is great for families, not to mention our apartment.....our apartment!!!

It's a newly renovated place on the first floor of your typical brown stone building. It's beautiful and being on the first floor/ kinda ground floor means we have an outdoor space. I was never expecting to get that so we are so lucky. There isn't any grass which makes it hard for My little one who is crawling, it's not just concrete but stones as well, super painful on her poor little knees. Not to worry though we bought a little pool and that seems to do the trick.

As for our apartment, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, beautiful kitchen and nice living and meals area. It's in a fully secure building with a security door at the front of the building so not a worry in the world for us. Let me share a few pics with you. Please note that these are not my photos, they have been borrowed from the realtor site advertising the property. This is because as soon as we walked in the door we dropped our stuff all over the place and there are basically toys everywhere. My photos would not have been great with the lighting so I'm just using theirs, with approval of course!

The beautiful kitchen

Living and dining

One of the Bedrooms


Master Suite.....yes there is a hallway in the master suite

Outdoor space

So as you can see it's pretty easy to live here!! The girls are entertained with toys, the pool, the parks and of course technology. There aren't many shops around our place but that's probably a good thing. Although I did go to a place called Woodbury Common.....oh my goodness.....shops everywhere and discounts in every shop!! Thank you world for creating such a heavenly place.

My eldest turns 3 this weekend so a few fun things planned for her too, I can't believe she is already 3.....where has that time gone?! A Central Park zoo visit and play is in order for her this weekend which I know she will love. Until then though we just need to get through the week, off to the playground.


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