Saturday, October 29, 2016

Beat The Bad Guys: Keep Your Stuff Safe At College

While here in Australia we haven't finished our school year yet, some of my readers will have and be starting to get organised for college. If you or a member of your family are off to college or considering living in dorms then thinking about security details might be at the bottom of the to-do list. With everything else that comes into play when someone goes to college, the last thing that is often considered is security. They'll be taking very expensive items like laptops and hard drives and TVs and even hair straighteners with them! Make sure they're prepared for every eventually and send them to college as secure as possible.

1. Leave expensive jewelry at home

This might seem like a waste but really, you go to college to study and drink cheap beer and live a less expensive life. Your expensive family heirlooms should stay at home with the family. There are plenty of gorgeous costume jewelry styles that you can dress-up with when you're going out. Expensive watches etc will only attract trouble.

2. Invest in a safe

If you really can't bear to leave you jewels at home then it's absolutely essential that you protect your belongings in a Yale safe. Not only will it keep your small trinkets away from thieves and prying eyes, you'll be able to store other valuables in there too! An Ipad, a game system, a laptop...anything you want really! Make sure you buy a super heavy one to ensure no one can run off with it and, if possible, keep it hidden under your bed. It's an investment buy that will last you long after college is over.

3. Claim your stuff

It sounds like something that you'd do in elementary school but writing your name in your stuff is actually a supersensible idea. Those big old textbooks that you have to buy don't come cheap and the last thing you want is for someone to pick them up, thinking that they're theirs. Simply write your full name on the book cover and then it'll be easy to tell.

4. Keep your bike locked up

When you're racing from class to class around campus, it's easy to forget simple safety procedures. Having a bike stolen is a real inconvenience and it feels like a personal loss. Whenever you park your bike, make sure you lock it up. It's as simple as that! Investing in a strong, steel U-lock is probably your best option.

5. Don't keep your valuables in a backpack

It is so easy for a professional pickpocket to reach inside a backpack and steal your ID, money, phone, keys etc etc. Of course you're going to want to carry around a bigger bag for all of your books but keep your valuables in a small bag and if possible, keep that around your neck. You might feel a little silly at first but you'll feel much worse if you have to spend a fortune replacing all of your essentials. Stay vigilant and you should be absolutely fine.


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