Saturday, October 1, 2016

Up The Garden Path For Outdoor Entertaining In Style

It’s true that more of us enjoy entertaining outdoors, especially when the weather is just right for it. It can feel more relaxed and even more spacious. Getting your garden ready for the summer seasons can feel like a mammoth task. But when it’s done, you can enjoy a fabulous party season, and even top up the value of your home.

Start by figuring out the different areas that you need for your garden. If you have a pet, it can be a good idea to fence off an area for them to play in. After all, you don’t want a code brown all over your best shoes! If you have small, they might need a little area of their own to play in too. You might choose a play surface or lawn area for safety. A swing set and some ride-on toys can be ideal here. And it means you know they are safe while playing outside.

Of course, the summer can mean that rainfall becomes limited. If your water tank is reaching the end of its life, now is the time to replace it. Once you’ve designed the layout of your garden, you might even consider investing in a different style. Slimline tanks could be ideal for smaller spaces. But if you have a large decking area in mind, why not get an under-deck tank? If your tank will be visible in your garden, check out suppliers in your area to get an idea of the best colour and shape to suit your style.

The weather in Melbourne is, of course, very changeable. If you’re entertaining outdoors, you may need a sheltered area for that passing shower. Outdoor dining sets are very good for withstanding the heat, sun, wet, and chill that we love so much about Melbourne. How you cover the area is up to you. You’ll probably want to light the area after dusk. Some people build a gazebo, while others prefer the option of a fabric covering like a parasol. Outdoor dining and kitchen rooms can be expensive to build, but they last for years. They are very popular and can increase the value of your home.

Planting is everything when it comes to your outdoor space. Your water tank may be the only source of liquid refreshment for your lovely flowers and lawn in the height of summer. It’s always better to go for the real thing rather than an artificial alternative. Sure, it’s low maintenance and doesn’t need water. But some people feel artificial lawns and flowers harm the environment. It certainly will reduce your sightings of all those beautiful insects and creatures. They tend only to visit well-stocked gardens.

Use shrubs of differing heights to create structure and form for your borders. Colourful flowers in pots can easily be positioned where you want them. They’re really easy to maintain as well. Don’t be afraid to use shale, pebbles or even sand to bring extra colour and texture to your garden. Use small tree species or wooden arbors to create seating and shade around your plot too.


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