Sunday, November 13, 2016

Get your Home Summer Ready

I know I know the warm weather has not quite made it to Melbourne yet. We get some beautiful days then BANG, the next day its raining. However, after all my wishing and hoping I think the weather is starting to turn around and before we know it the sun will be out and we will be kicking ourselves for not getting ready for summer before now. So throw on your rain coat and get outside and start getting your home ready to summer. Ready for those steaming hot days of splashing in the pool, sunbacking, catching up with friends on the decking with a BBQ and a drink or even just having a picnic with your kids on the grass. However you choose to spend your summer now is the best time to get prepared for it. So where to start you ask?? Well here is a good list to get you going..

Clean out the Gutters

If your weather is anything like it is here in Melbourne, Australia then I won't even need to explain why this part is essential and is on top of the list. The Summer weather here can go well above 40 degrees celsius, so hot, add a bit of wind and it is basically asking for a fire to erupt, we have constant fire warnings in the middle of summer so it is super important to make sure your home is ready for the worst. So get up that ladder and clean out those gutters.

I have family who live in country Victoria surrounded by bush, these people will often pack a box with all their valuables weeks before the peak of the summer weather so they have it ready should they need to evacuate quickly. Such a smart thing to do, get your family ready just in case, have a fire plan in place and make sure everyone knows what to do. Jump on the CFA website and have a look at their Fire Ready Plan.

Get the Air Conditioning ready for action 

On those super hot days it is so great to be outside playing and enjoying the sun but it is also great to have a break from that when it all gets a bit too much. If you have any older people living in the house or even little babies/kids like I have in my home it is really important to clean the air conditioning filter. I can't say I have done this myself but last time I watched someone do it they broke the whole air conditioner and they had to wait a few days to get it fixed, no one wants to be stuck in the heat with a broken air conditioner. So rather than cleaning/fixing it yourself, why not get the experts to do it for you.

It can be a bit risky dealing with electrical products without the proper knowledge so make a call and reduce your stress by getting someone in to do the residential or commercial air conditioning repairs. Let's not forget that a lot of us have to go to work each day and would rather not be sweating while we're trying to work. The last thing you want is to finally get the sun out and not be able to cool your home or office down. Imagine, you pick up your air conditioning remote, press the on button and oh oh........nothing works. Then you're stuck with sweaty armpits and that uncomfortable feeling until it gets fixed, why not get in before that happens.

Clean the Windows

Who likes to clean their windows???? NOT ME!! However as much as I hate cleaning the windows, I dislike it even more when I pull back the curtains to let the beautiful sun come through and see finger prints, dirt and all forms of smudges blocking the view. I might be the only person that feels this way but I can tell you right now that you will be so incredibly satisfied once you have finished it, you will really embrace that view even more! And besides, the amount of dirt on our windows (landscaping our yard has made it a bit messy) meant that I could barely see the kids running around in the backyard at all, dirt smudges the size of footballs.

Water Play

If you are one of those lucky home owners who have pool in your backyard then.......I'm jealous! Aside from that, get that pool clean and ready for the first warm day to hit so you can embrace it. I would love a pool to play in when the warmer weather comes, however I'm not one of those lucky people so if you're like me, make sure the sprinkler works. Go and grab one of the blow up pools or the cheap shell pools from Bunnings Warehouse for the kids to play in.

Spruce up the Backyard

I always like to make sure my grass has survived the winter, and if not, just before the warmer months hit us I will put some lawn seed down to fill the gaps so the kids get great grass, other than weeds and dirt. It makes it so much easier to run around and play games or have that little picnic on the grass. It is a simple thing but can make a big difference.

Fix the Decking

By fix I don't necessarily mean get out the nail gun and buy some wood, unless of course that is needed. What I mean is get out the hose, give the decking a really good clean. Get rid of any rubbish or left over junk from the previous months. Wipe down all the furniture and get rid of any spider webs, throw the cushion covers in the wash and maybe even replace the inserts if necessary.

Aside from the decking one of the other most important things I like to tackle is the BBQ. Pull everything off and give it a great hose down, make sure the gas bottle is full because as soon as that sun comes out we are outside enjoying it and eating pretty much every meal on our newly cleaned decking and decking furniture. Dig out the kids outside toys and clean them up, throw them in the dishwasher if you like, so much quicker and easier. Hose down and wash anything bigger that needs a clean and you're ready to go.

Now bring on this warm weather, we're all ready for it, so let's get outside and enjoy the sun,


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