Monday, November 28, 2016

Keeping cool this Summer

I don't know about you but the weather here in Melbourne is finally starting to warm up.......finally!! The sun has been peaking through the clouds quite a bit lately and as soon as we see that tiny beam of light we are outside enjoying every bit that we can. The girls throw on their shorts and t-shirts, otherwise known as me digging through their closets trying to find any form of clean clothing to shove on only for them to get dirty again.....ahh the joys of motherhood. We are outside any moment we get enjoying the sun, playing in the sandpit, going to the park, anything that involves being outside getting some of that Vitamin D.

Very soon though that sun is going to be beaming so strong that the second you walk outside is like walking into a brick wall of solid heat. Well it does that in Melbourne in the peak of Summer anyway. On days where the weather gets above 40 degrees celcius we all start to look for ways to keep as cool as possible but still enjoy the summer sun. With young kids it is a little bit different, I spend most of my time battling between wanting them to be outside playing, slapping sunscreen over every bit of their skin and wanting to keep them cool and maintain a reasonable temperature. I love Summer but sometimes it's hard.

So what can we do to keep cool when that super strong heat kicks in, well here is a few ideas for you:

First and foremost put on the air conditioner

These things are amazing and I swear I will never live without one again. If you don't have an air conditioner in your place then start saving, they are worth every cent. I have my home set to a certain temperature during the day, that temperature goes down a little in the warner months, but as soon as the temperature goes above my locked in guide the air conditioner turns on and cools the house down again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, I know the house will always be nice and cool even if it isn't outside. Whilst I have split system air conditioner at the moment I am hoping to install a ducted air conditioner in my next home, they are quite popular in the states that tend to stay warmer for longer, ducted air conditioning in Brisbane must be super popular.

When the air conditioner is on the kids can basically enjoy their normal routine, including sleeps for the little one. She normally gets super hot and sweaty during her day sleeps in Summer, not with our trusty air con!! Night time I don't tend to keep ours running, unless of course it is a real stinker (as we call it here in Australia).

Pool/Sprinkler/Hose/Water Slide

Basically anything involving water is an amazing way to keep cool in Summer. I wish we had a pool but instead we have almost everything else in the above list. The sprinkler is always a hit with the kids, they get to run around, get wet and squeal while the sprinkler chases them, you can't go wrong. The hose is a constant form of enjoyment for the 2 kids......and their father, I can't decide who loves it more. We have a blow up pool with a slide attached to it, all you do is throw the hose at the top and voila, the kids have a water slide and mini pool. They don't care how big it is, as long as they can play in it and get soaking wet!

Fresh Fruit and smoothies

There is nothing better than fresh fruit on a warm day, and sometimes it's nice to mix it up a bit and blend it all up in a smoothie, or even blend it and freeze it into ice cream moulds, this one is always a hit with the little ones. Summer fruits are so amazing, why not make the most of the great selection and stock up the fridge or fruit bowl. Every time my girls say they are hungry I always offer them a piece of fruit, they are getting a bit older now and starting to want other things, now I get to offer them a smoothie or a frozen fruit ice cream and they are thrilled, happy kids, happy mum, is that how the saying goes??

There are so many other ways to keep cool, eating salads and cold food instead of warm food, try and stay out of the kitchen as much as possible, let kids run around in their underwear, who cares when they are running around in your backyard, and of course wear protective clothing like hats and sunglasses. Always remember to put on sunscreen too. I wear sunscreen every day, even if it is winter. My daily moisturiser contains SPF because you never know when that sun might pop out and decide to pump up the heat, it is Melbourne of course, four seasons in one day as they say.

I really hope this warm weather does keep going so the girls can really enjoy their backyard, even if it is only temporary (moving into our new house soon, will share progress asap).


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