Friday, December 30, 2016

Home Sweet Home: How To Create A Home That You Can Be Proud Of

We should all be proud of our homes. Your home represents who you are. It's a way that you show your personality off to the world. Not to mention being the place where you create and share memories with the people that you love. The worst thing is when you find yourself feeling ashamed of your home. Perhaps you even try to discourage people from coming to visit because you don't want them to see it. Not only will this make any time that you spend in your home feel unpleasant, but it's also going to result in a vicious cycle that keeps your home feeling less and less comfortable and welcoming. But don't worry, even if things seem difficult, there is always a way to bring your home back to life. Here are just a few simple tips for making your home a place to be proud of.

Keep it clean


Most of us are aware that it's a good idea to keep your home clean and tidy. But you'd be surprised how many of us don't really make good on that promise. Sure, you might keep things vaguely organized and tidy. But how often do you really deep clean your home? This is the sort of thing that people tend to neglect until it gets bad enough that they decide it's finally time to roll up their sleeves and get to it. By this point, it's probably turned into a pretty significant job which will require a lot of work. Instead of letting that happen, try to give your home a serious clean at least once a week, that way it will be a more pleasant environment all the time, and you will also end up having to put in a lot less work overall.

Update your style


Sometimes it's not as simple as your home being untidy or dirty. Sometimes no matter what you do, your home ends up feeling drab, dull and lifeless. If that's the case, then it's time to start looking at your furnishings. When was the last time you changed any of your furniture? Nothing brings the feeling of a room down than lumpy, torn, stained furniture. It might seem like a small change but improving the furniture around your house can often make it feel like a totally new environment. There are plenty of places where you can shop for luxury homeware and furniture online and bring some new life into your home.

Make it personal


There's just something eery about walking into someone's house and not being able to see any personality in it. As if they've just started living in a showroom. Make sure that your home shows off at least a little bit of who you are. Whether that's through art, pictures of family and friends or items that have a story behind them. That personal touch turns your home into a place that could only ever belong to you. That way, it's much more likely to be the kind of place that you're happy to show off to people.


Budget Flooring Options For A Beautiful Home

A good flooring option can change the feel of a room entirely. But, it’s hard to find the best option that sticks within your budget. Of course, it would be wonderful to have your pick of the litter. But, budgets often prevent this from being the case. When you are decorating a whole room, you already have a lot of things to consider. It’s easy to let your flooring slip under the radar and become forgotten. But, it’s not worth the disappointment you’ll feel in years to come. To make this part of your decoration easier, this post will look into some good flooring options.


Of course, in most houses, you’ll find some carpet. Carpet makes a room feel warmer and more homely. In winter, it doesn’t get as cold as hard flooring. Carpeting one room is usually quite cheap. And, it’s entirely possible to do the job yourself. If you feel confident with your ability to perform DIY, you should have no problem. Carpet by itself is very cheap. And, doing the job yourself will make the price of the carpet much lower. When it comes to choosing carpet, you need to think about the other colours in the room. If you have bold colours in other places, it can be best to go for a neutral colour. In a light room, a darker carpet will be okay. But, in darker rooms, you’ll want something lighter. The only drawback to lighter colours is their tendency to show dirt and stains. So, it’s important to make sure that you think about this wisely. In some rooms, it can be appropriate to go for boldly coloured carpet. But, be careful when doing this.


If you’re will to pay for someone to fit it for you, laminate flooring is a cheap alternative to tiles. Unlike linoleum, laminate is made of compressed wood, like MDF. It has a veneer on the surface, that makes it look like wood or tiles. If it’s treated correctly and carefully, laminate flooring can look great for years. It’s not hard to keep it in good nick, either. Laminate is vulnerable when it comes to liquids. If you spill something on it, you need to clean it as soon as you can. Otherwise, it will stain, or even warp. Even if you do ruin your flooring, installing replacement laminate flooring is much cheaper than doing it from scratch.

Expose Your Home’s Natural Beauty

Underneath a lot of carpets, you’ll find beautiful floor boards. With proper treatment, these boards can make your home feel rustic and comfortable. All you need is a handheld sanding device, some varnish, and a bit of time. Once you’ve finished your flooring, the work will be well worth it. You can find plenty of guides online to help you spruce up your existing floorboards. Installing new floorboards is much more expensive. So, it’s only worth doing this in a house that already has them.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working on the floor in your home. Budget doesn’t have to be a restraint when it comes to beauty. Instead, you just have to put a bit of time in instead of the cash. Always do plenty of research when making changes to your home.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Three Tips For Finding A Good Builder

When it comes to looking for suitable tradespeople to carry out a building project or repair something that’s broken there are no guarantees. However, thanks to the internet, a rise in building regulations that all firms have to follow and even online review sites finding someone to do the job at a fair price, who knows what they’re doing and how to carry out the working quickly and efficiently has never been easier. Remember, good quality building work can often mean the difference between a safe, problem free house and endless complaints, repairs, and issues so it can sometimes be worth shelling out but before you to make sure to try our tips!

Flickr Image Credit: ARBRE √ČVOLUTION

Talk To Your Designer

If you’ve got a designer on board why not speak to them to see if they know someone suitable? An industry contact can prove invaluable when it comes to building projects as not only will they know lots of people; they’ll have also been on site during numerous renovations and will know those who are experts at their chosen trade and may be able to put you in touch with someone who can advise you better. Designers have a somewhat supervisory role on site as essentially builders are following the plans that they’ve created. This then means that they get to know everyone, and we mean everyone, who’s been working on the job very well so make sure you treat your designer well because you just never know who they’re friends with.

Get Recommendations

Has your mother recently had her roof redone? Your friends keep mentioning an incredible builder that transformed their patio? Why not arrange to go over and look at the work? Keep it lighthearted, friendly and relaxed while you check out the overall product and then they’ll be more likely to tell you who exactly created the bespoke summer house that’s ideal for barbecues. Not to mention they'll give their honest opinion because you’re not trying to snatch a business card out of a bag while they’re not looking. People love to discuss recently completed projects, even those you don’t know so if there’s a particular house in the area with a new extension you like simply ring the doorbell and make sure you compliment the build.

Builder Websites

These days if you’ve got a business it’s vital that you have an online presence such as home builders as that's where customers will go to see what you’re actually capable of. There are also review sites like my builder where you can read other people's opinions of work they’ve recently had done, how high they ranked their builder and if they would book them again for another job. Elsewhere, many building project websites ask builders to be fully certified, with credentials proven, before they are allowed to bid for jobs that customers want doing. A successful builder lets the site know when they’ve gotten a job and it then charges that firm a fee, without the forum the job may not have been won, and the prospective customer is happy they’ve found a reputable contractor.


Monday, December 12, 2016

From the old to the new

If you keep up to date with all my posts, which I know you all do, you will remember that earlier this year we started building a house in our backyard. Well....the weather over winter was absolutely terrible and has delayed the build for a few months, which means...we still don't have a house!! Our builder has told us that we should be able to move in early January, I'm not holding my breathe but I'm trying to start positive and hope for the best. While I would love to share some progress shots of our new build with you we have been in lock up stage for a little while now so we can't actually get into the house to take some happy snaps. Bummer right?!

So instead, how about I share with you the final photos of our renovated home which we have now sold.....YAY!!! Here is the original state of the house, hideous I know. We didn't touch the kitchen, it is only around 4 years old so feel like it was fine. It is certainly not my style but it worked perfectly for what we needed, and the house is 50 years old already, it isn't a brand new modern home, I feel if we changed the kitchen too much and made it too fancy it would stick out like a sore thumb in our older home. I'll just save the nice new kitchen for the new house.

So once you've checked out the link above and seen the way the house looked when we first moved in, let me share with you the professional photos taken for our sale campaign..

I really like the way the place turned out. I have so many more ideas that I would have loved to do in this place but they are ideas I want to keep in my dream home, so storing them in the memory bank. I hope you liked our home renovation. This was our second renovation and if I have my way it certainly wont be our last, next time we won't be living in it though thats for sure!


Saturday, December 3, 2016

How To Design Your Garden As An Extention Of Your Home

As the summer approaches, it’s time that we start to consider the changes we would like to make to our outside spaces. The idea of bringing the inside out is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. It brings comfort and style to the forefront of our exterior designs, and so the garden can act as an additional room in the house. An attractive garden can add a lot to the value of your home, so even if you’re thinking of selling up soon, it’s worth considering how on trend your garden is. These are a few suggestions for how to bring the inside out.

Outdoor Furniture

Gone are the days of tacky plastic furniture and mouldy deckchair cushions. This is the age of enlightenment for outdoor furniture. From beautiful wicker designs, to love seats in a million colours, you can choose exactly the style you’d like for your garden. It’s all about comfort and relaxation. Outdoor cushions are an absolute must; you’re basically creating a living room outside. People even have portable projector set-ups so they can have their own outdoor cinema.

Glass Pool Fences

To make your garden feel like an outside extension of your home, you want to keep it as open plan as possible. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor swimming pool in this hot weather, safety will be one of your number one considerations, especially if you have children around. That’s why a barrier from Glass Boundaries is a great addition to your space - it has the benefit of safety, without breaking the space up visually. It also adds an element of sophistication to the pool area.

BBQ Kitchen and Bar

These days, just having a barbecue and outdoor table and chairs isn’t cutting it. People are going for the full on outdoor barbecue kitchen, with portable mini fridge to keep the beer and meat cool, preparation area, and even a full blown bar. The garden is the best place for entertaining guests in the long summer evenings, so an area created with parties and food in mind is a great use of space.

Festoon Lighting

If you’re entertaining in your garden after dark, one bright security flood light isn’t going to offer the atmosphere you’d probably like. Strings of festoon lights look really festive and fun, and offer a slightly more subtle glow. Outdoor fairy lights also make a really cute addition to a garden, and are available in a variety of different colours and brightnesses. Try varying the combinations to see what works for your garden.

An outdoor area isn’t just for the kids to run around and get muddy; it’s an extension of your living space, and it needs to be decorated as such. Beautiful plants and trees can only go so far in creating an area that is perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Good quality outdoor furniture and some cushions are a great place to start, and a barbeque is obviously an essential.