Monday, December 12, 2016

From the old to the new

If you keep up to date with all my posts, which I know you all do, you will remember that earlier this year we started building a house in our backyard. Well....the weather over winter was absolutely terrible and has delayed the build for a few months, which means...we still don't have a house!! Our builder has told us that we should be able to move in early January, I'm not holding my breathe but I'm trying to start positive and hope for the best. While I would love to share some progress shots of our new build with you we have been in lock up stage for a little while now so we can't actually get into the house to take some happy snaps. Bummer right?!

So instead, how about I share with you the final photos of our renovated home which we have now sold.....YAY!!! Here is the original state of the house, hideous I know. We didn't touch the kitchen, it is only around 4 years old so feel like it was fine. It is certainly not my style but it worked perfectly for what we needed, and the house is 50 years old already, it isn't a brand new modern home, I feel if we changed the kitchen too much and made it too fancy it would stick out like a sore thumb in our older home. I'll just save the nice new kitchen for the new house.

So once you've checked out the link above and seen the way the house looked when we first moved in, let me share with you the professional photos taken for our sale campaign..

I really like the way the place turned out. I have so many more ideas that I would have loved to do in this place but they are ideas I want to keep in my dream home, so storing them in the memory bank. I hope you liked our home renovation. This was our second renovation and if I have my way it certainly wont be our last, next time we won't be living in it though thats for sure!


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