Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Three Tips For Finding A Good Builder

When it comes to looking for suitable tradespeople to carry out a building project or repair something that’s broken there are no guarantees. However, thanks to the internet, a rise in building regulations that all firms have to follow and even online review sites finding someone to do the job at a fair price, who knows what they’re doing and how to carry out the working quickly and efficiently has never been easier. Remember, good quality building work can often mean the difference between a safe, problem free house and endless complaints, repairs, and issues so it can sometimes be worth shelling out but before you to make sure to try our tips!

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Talk To Your Designer

If you’ve got a designer on board why not speak to them to see if they know someone suitable? An industry contact can prove invaluable when it comes to building projects as not only will they know lots of people; they’ll have also been on site during numerous renovations and will know those who are experts at their chosen trade and may be able to put you in touch with someone who can advise you better. Designers have a somewhat supervisory role on site as essentially builders are following the plans that they’ve created. This then means that they get to know everyone, and we mean everyone, who’s been working on the job very well so make sure you treat your designer well because you just never know who they’re friends with.

Get Recommendations

Has your mother recently had her roof redone? Your friends keep mentioning an incredible builder that transformed their patio? Why not arrange to go over and look at the work? Keep it lighthearted, friendly and relaxed while you check out the overall product and then they’ll be more likely to tell you who exactly created the bespoke summer house that’s ideal for barbecues. Not to mention they'll give their honest opinion because you’re not trying to snatch a business card out of a bag while they’re not looking. People love to discuss recently completed projects, even those you don’t know so if there’s a particular house in the area with a new extension you like simply ring the doorbell and make sure you compliment the build.

Builder Websites

These days if you’ve got a business it’s vital that you have an online presence such as home builders as that's where customers will go to see what you’re actually capable of. There are also review sites like my builder where you can read other people's opinions of work they’ve recently had done, how high they ranked their builder and if they would book them again for another job. Elsewhere, many building project websites ask builders to be fully certified, with credentials proven, before they are allowed to bid for jobs that customers want doing. A successful builder lets the site know when they’ve gotten a job and it then charges that firm a fee, without the forum the job may not have been won, and the prospective customer is happy they’ve found a reputable contractor.


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