Friday, January 27, 2017

Boost Your Home’s Security to Boost Its Value

We don’t always think about home security, especially if we’ve lived in a place for more years than we can remember. In those cases, we’re normally pretty in tune with the safety aspects of our neighborhood; we’re friendly with the people who live next day, might know exactly where the local police lives, and also might be able to differentiate between actual criminality and local nuisances. That’s good for you right now, but everybody wants to feel secure and safe and at home in their new property, and that includes people who might be interested in one day buying your home. Adding a few features can improve your security and add value to your home.


Vulnerable Sites

Homeowners aren’t always the best people to judge what counts as a security lapse in their home. They see these things everyday and probably don’t even think about them anymore. But take a look around your property and ask yourself: if I were a criminal, is there anything here that would be considered a weakness in the home? You might be surprised. Side gates that don’t close properly, damaged garage entry spots, and poor front door security can all compromise your home. Fortunately, these are easily fixed once they’re identified. Garage door repair and solidifying your entry points is an easy way to improve security.

Make Things Bright

Again, if you were a criminal, which would you prefer: the cover of darkness, or a bright spotlight on your activities? Yeah, it’s an obvious one, and that’s why it’s important that your property bright. Something as simple a motion sensor light at the front and back of your home is enough to make a would be criminal turn around and leave your property alone. These protect your home while you’re away, but can also add a level of security when you’re arriving home too. Criminals prey on darkness; don’t make it easy for them.

Add Security Systems

In this day and age, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a home security system. They’re affordable, easy to install, and offer a level of security that can’t be undervalued. A family who is looking for a new home would draw much peace of mind from knowing that their new home already has a well functioning security system in place. There are many different systems you can get - some advanced, some highly technical. Speak to a security expert about what would be best for your type of home and location.

Keep The Grounds Clear

The most often overlooked security lapse exists in the areas surrounding the property. As a responsible homeowner, it’s your duty to ensure that the grounds around your house are kept clear. Just like the darkness, criminals need concealed spaces to gain entry to homes. If your bushes are overgrown, it’s simple for a criminal to bide their time until they see you leave your home. Keeping things trim and clearing away overgrown gardens removes this hiding space and adds a level of security in the simplest of ways.



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