Friday, January 27, 2017

Five Minute Makeover: Making Your House Look Cleaner Than It Actually Is!

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You're chilling out on the sofa binge watching your latest Netflix obsession and vaguely thinking about whether to open another bag of chips when suddenly your phone beeps. Oh wow, it’s your parents, and they've sprung a surprise visit on you saying that they'll be there in half an hour to take their son, or daughter out for lunch!

Don’t Forget The Three T’s

It's interior design code for Toilet, Television, and Tables and trust us clean 3T’s can make all the difference. For instance, dust tends to accumulate around our electronics annoying, isn't it? Dust particles are attracted to shiny surfaces and tend to settle on screens and consoles, which just happen to be in the living room and where you’ll go for a cup of coffee before heading out. Grab a cloth and dust the Playstation, your DVD player and any DVD’s while you're at it. Without a doubt, your bathroom needs to  be fresh, tidy and guest friendly while the toilet bowl should be smelling pleasant, completely free of stains and been bleached recently. Ensure there’s also hand wash or soap available and the toilet roll’s actually on the holder.

Store Stuff In Baskets

Instead of piling everything higgledy-piggledy into your bedroom wardrobe thinking your mom won’t look there,  save yourself the extra stress and buy baskets. Yes, baskets can help you lead a clutter-free life and are an excellent item to have in a hurry. How this works is by assigning a colored basket to each room, so yellow’s the bathroom, red’s kitchen, blue’s the bedroom and, well, you get the idea. When tidying up in a hurry go through each room with its corresponding basket then store them somewhere inconspicuous until you’ve got time to sort the contents.

Water Those Plants

This one sort of works like a placebo as you wouldn't expect to find green, leafy and lovely plants in a messy, unkempt apartment. Obviously, it’s good to keep your plants alive, and it’s not hard to look after simple terrariums and succulent pots. Still, by making sure they're in top condition i.e. no dead leaves, dry soil or fading flowers it'll automatically make the room feel lighter. Go around the house and slide back any closed curtains or blinds, opening windows to air out rooms as fresh air can help too. Finally, grab the vacuum attachment and hoover up any pet hair, crumbs and bits of paper from the sofa.

Do Any Waiting Dishes

Nothing looks more off-putting than a pile of dirty dishes lying in the sink, or worse on the countertop with food congealing on the plate. Fill the sink with hot, bubbly suds, pull on your favorite marigolds and then get washing! Dishes, once you start them, don't take a long time and then there’s nothing nicer than seeing a completely clear draining board. Another option is to hide the pile of waiting dishes in the oven. Although we don’t really recommend this as mother’s love to inspect appliances and, if you forget, then there’s going to be a real mess to clean up the next time you open the door because you’ll need to clean out the oven as well.


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