Friday, January 27, 2017

Home Run: Gorgeous Makeover Ideas


The world seems to be somewhat dominated by a touch of doom and gloom on all fronts, at least in the media anyway; what with that guy called Trump, and the ice caps melting faster than a fridge freezer with no door, and the fact Comedy Central no longer shows Friends. But don’t despair, because there is an easy way to brighten up your life a bit, and it starts with your home (it could also end with your home, but we don’t want to cast judgement). What we are trying to say is, why not do some home improvements to take your mind off things. They don’t even have to be expensive. In fact, we’ve found the smaller, creative ideas usually have the best effect, as you’re about to find out.

It’s all about restoration and revival

These are quite literally free ways of changing up your space to make your home feel more, well, epic. And it starts with a quick wander around your home and looking at anything that needs a little sprucing. Take your coat and hat rack for example; it’s a mess, and you only wear one of the coats so why you feel the need to supply the entire Aussie army is unnecessary. A simple hack is to take the unused coats and put them away - closet, underneath your bed, charity shop etc - and then put pretty little things in its place, like jewellery or handbags or dress hats or your crown. Simple. Free. Gorgeous.

Time to reflect

Of course we are talking about mirrors. The more mirrors the better. And the more unique they are the more your life will feel like a sonderland. So pop to a local market, or charity shop, or start rusting up some mirrors or chucking decals on them or using a stencil to write cool quotes on them. Chuck them in the corners of each room, make a feature wall out of loads of framed mirrors, even put some on the walls of your garden. Mirrors are amazing.

Paint the heck out of your place

Magnolia walls mean magnolia life. That’s a factoid, but could well b a fact, because magnolia is just a fancy-pants way of saying beige and no one wants to be beige. Pick some colours that reflect you; light pastel colours, or bold colours for a feature wall, or anything. Just not beige. Please not beige. You don’t even need to do this yourself. Why not flick through an interior design magazine (by which we of course mean Pinterest), phone up some great house painters, go to work and then come back to a new house. Yes. Yes. Yes.


Light of your life

Lighting. We don’t know you but we do know you have never upgraded your lighting or even thought about upgrading your light so it is time you upgrade your lighting. There we have it. Go to a reclaimed store and find some incredible gems, like lamps with intricate bases and massive shades, or grab a copper ceiling lamp shade or hang a cheap chandelier above your staircase. Or go with the current trend of floor standing lamps, you know the ones, they’re everywhere, the ones that look like something a Hollywood movie producer in the 1920s would use on set. They’re cool.


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