Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tired of an Unispired Home? Spruce It Up To Look Like New!

Over time our homes can lose that sparkly ‘freshly decorated’ look. Areas of clutter accumulate, chips and scratches occur, and you’re left with a space that’s in need of an update. If you’re looking to bring a new lease of life to your home, here are a few things to try.


Have a Deep Clean and Declutter

Before making any changes to your home, thoroughly cleaning and decluttering is always a good idea. Just this change alone may be enough to make your home feel much fresher, particularly when you clean areas that would usually get missed on a regular clean, such as carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings. Go through doors and cupboards getting rid of things that are no longer useful; it frees up precious space for the things you do need and love. With everything clean, decluttered and organized you’ll be left feeling rejuvenated, and your home will look fresh and new again!

Change Up The Flooring

Old flooring that’s past its best will make any home look shabby. If your laminates are warped, your vinyl is peeling, and your tiles are chipped its time for a refresh. Revive your home by ripping everything out and starting again, choosing hardwearing choices for high traffic areas downstairs and carpets for upstairs. Opting for the same color and material throughout will help to create flow between the rooms and look nicely put together. Sites like Empire Floors have a range of different floor coverings in one place so you can easily browse and compare.



Walls can become grubby over time. Dogs might shake after a bath or rolling in mud and make marks on the walls. Kids might put mucky handprints on them, and scuffs and scrapes can occur from moving furniture and other items in and out. A lick of paint can soon transform the area, making it look fresh and new again. If your walls get grubby quickly, opt for a paint which can be wiped down. Light neutrals are always a good choice, although they will be the first to show up marks so regular top ups might be needed.

Revamp The Furniture

You might be bored of looking at the same old furniture, but it doesn’t need to be completely replaced if it’s still functional. You could upcycle with a coat of paint; solid wood pieces are great for this although you can buy paint for laminated wood too. If you want to upcycle in the kitchen, you could use paint designed for kitchen cupboards (this will be wipeable, so won't be ruined by splashes or spills) and replace all of the door knobs. You could switch up the handles or legs on units, generally just give them a new lease of life. It’s a quick and cheap way to change up the look and can bring a whole new look to your room.


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