Monday, February 6, 2017

5 Easy Home Renovation Ideas To Add Value

Getting your house ready for a sale is no easy feat. Not only do you have to try and keep it in tip-top shape at all times, you have to make sure your house looks inviting, warm and as if there is little to no work to be done on it. Like I said, no easy feat! Selling a house is hard enough but setting the stage for a big show? That there takes a lot of hard work. Trying to pack the house while you are getting it ready is a challenge but with some help, you can do it!
There are many ways to get your house ready to sell and it may take you investing a little cash into it to get it there. Adding value to your home can only do you some favours before you go and if this means you’ve boosted the overall value, you’ll be well-placed to ensure you can sell it quickly for the best price as well as recoup the investment you made doing it up. With these five handy tips, you’ll be able to boost the value of your home as well as make it beautiful for while you continue to live in it.
  1. Adding a loft conversion is a very safe investment. It is the easiest way to create an extra bedroom or office, which will push the value of your home well into the next price bracket. People value space and if you give them that, you’ll win your money back.
  2. Look at the carpets you have through the home and get them replaced. There are many timber flooring options available and wooden floors will boost the value of your home due to versatility. It’s easy to cover wooden floors with rugs and cut off carpets, but it’s not so easy to change out carpet.
  3. If you have the funds, adding an outdoor conservatory can extend the rooms of the home and mean you’ve added a dining room where you may not have had one before. If your garden is massive, you may be able to balance the leftover garden space.
  4. Upgrade the windows. They’re the eyes of the home but if you live in an area where single pane windows have mainly been used, you’d do very well to upgrade them to double glazing. You’ll be saving money on energy for the people who buy the house as well as giving the home an insulation boost.
  5. Add finishing touches ready for your house viewings. Cut fresh flowers from the garden you’ve planted to showcase the kind of flora they will get over the years. While the prospective buyers won’t be buying your things, they can still look attractive while they’re viewed!
Your home being sold is a big deal but with small changes you could increase its value exponentially and you’ll be able to make back your investment this way. Spending money to make money is a thing so don’t be afraid to do more for yourself!


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