Saturday, February 18, 2017

Show Home Standards: How You Can Boost Interest In Your Home

We are pretty unique creatures aren’t we? All with our own quirky tastes and ideas of what is cool. Some of us are messy individuals who seem perfectly at ease sitting amongst towering piles of ironing, capable of ignoring the dishes until we run out of tools to eat our food with, whilst others live in an idyllic space of order and balance spending their free time ensuring everything is in its exact spot.

You’re probably looking back at the title and wondering where we are heading with this, right?  The point we are trying to make is that we are all very different which means our homes are also, very different and that might be why you are having a little trouble raising interest in your property.  

If you look at most new build property you will see a theme amongst their show homes.  Firstly, they are always clean.  You may not know this but there is a big market for cleaners in the new build sector! Show homes are presented in clean, uncluttered ways so one of the first steps you can take to boost interest in your home is to clear it out.

This may sound hard, however getting organised and going through the possessions you have which aren’t vital to everyday living, is going to help you when move day eventually comes.  Get brutal and call in the storage experts.  There are loads of low cost options that can help you rid your house of clutter until you are ready to leave.  Finding an expert like Absolute Domestics to pop in and keep on top of your house work will also help keep your home fresh and clean for potential viewers.

Waiting for a buyer on your home when you have already found your dream house can be awful. Smbia Brokers offer services such as Bridging loans which could prevent you from losing out on your forever house, however this isn’t an option for everyone.  Consider what your house is saying to the buyer. Maybe your strong bold feature walls are a little off putting.  Whilst chucking more money at a home you are moving on may not seem productive, giving your interior a clean fresh look can maximise the space and help buyers see the potential.

Get creative and stage manage your home.  Strip it back to soft, neutral tones and make the most of any unique areas.  Check out some of the easy home upgrades we think could maximise sale potential and inspire you to restyle your home like a pro!

Buyers want to be sold a lifestyle too, so if they are faced with dark corners and small rooms full of kids toys, they may be less interested than walking into a light and airy home office and a bedroom that reminds them of a hotel they fell in love with.

Don’t sit back and assume buyers will see through your clutter or love your style.  Strip it back, keep it organised and promote an image of sheer luxury and space.


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