Monday, February 6, 2017

What Do People Look For When You Are Showing Your Home?

When you are selling your home, it is vital to think like the people who are viewing it. Sure, you might assume that fitting a $50,000 kitchen is going to seal the deal and ensure you get more than your asking price. But the truth is it might not have an effect at all and could be a waste of money. So the big question for today is - what, exactly, are property buyers looking for when they are viewing your home? Let’s investigate a little closer.

A clean, modern kitchen and bathroom

As I mentioned above, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new bathroom or kitchen. A luxurious kitchen, for example, can set you back a small fortune, but it will only increase the value of your home by a maximum of 6 percent. You’ll need to work out if it makes financial sense before making a hefty investment. However, your bathroom and kitchen do need to be in good shape, modern, clean, and free from clutter and mess. Any hint of filth will make the viewer feel like their first job will be a full replacement - and it’s going to make your home a harder sell.

Inner workings

A home buyer isn’t going to come into your house and demand you to rip up walls so they can check your electricity cables and plumbing. But more homebuyers than ever are starting to use property surveyors to ensure they aren’t buying a dud. It is essential, then, that you hire a surveyor yourself before putting your home on the market. They will uncover any faults, and then you have a decision to make. Do you lower your asking price because you have, say, plumbing issues? Or do you hire a professional with the plumbing supplies you need to fix things? While the latter might take a while to sort out, it can often leave you in a stronger position, assuming everything else in your home is in good shape.

Storage, storage, storage

It doesn’t matter whether you have an enormous mansion or a small apartment, if you want to sell it, you need storage. According to a surprising amount of research, it’s one of the most important features that prospective buyers look for - and is far more important than, say, the cleanliness of your ovens, which rarely get a look.

The ceiling - not the floor

Surprisingly, a piece of eye tracking research suggests that seven out of ten people check out the height of your ceilings and the upper corners of your rooms. So, focus more on cleaning away cobwebs and keep your ceilings and cornices clean than scrubbing your floors and surfaces. Less than two out of ten people spend any time looking at those features!

The views

Finally, make sure that any views from your home’s windows are as good as they can be. Dust and clean window areas and ensure that the glass is sparkling - and clear up any mess in the garden that spoils the view from your kitchen or bedrooms. According to research, almost 95 percent of people will go straight to the windows and inspect your views - so it is exceptionally important.


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