Thursday, February 9, 2017

You've Hit The Nail On The Head... And Other Things You Shouldn't Do When Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home is a drain on many things, such as your wallet, your time, and your sanity, but there comes a time when it needs to be done and you can’t avoid it for much longer. So out comes the tools and the swear jar in case you accidentally hit your thumb instead of the nail, and off you go. But do you know about how to do anything safely at all? There's much more to doing renovation work than just putting on a helmet and looking like you don’t work at all. It’s about taking the necessary measures when it comes to health and safety, and all of that other (really interesting…) stuff.

Get The Right Permits

If you want to build that room that is also a spaceship for your kids, you may need to get some planning permission depending on where you live. If you apply the permits way in advance, ideally as soon as you know what you plan on doing to your home, you are making life easier for yourself. If you are planning on making an actual spaceship, you’ll probably need to speak to NASA…
Get The Right Equipment

If you are bringing in friends to help you out and you haven’t got the right safety equipment, not only are you setting yourself up for a fall (figuratively and literally), you will not be able to protect yourself from the potential bomb site your home will be for the next few months. Safety goggles, protective clothing, earmuffs, the list goes on. You will be causing a lot of dust, so get some masks on to protect yourself from getting a bad chest, because that would be a real pain in the asthma.

If You Don’t Know How To Do Something…Get A Professional!

Just because you googled “how to fix electrics” doesn’t mean you are now a qualified electrical specialist and can now hire yourself out as a rent-a-fixer! Leave it to the professionals if you aren’t entirely sure, because electric shocks can really damage your life, or worse, your hair. Hiring a professional Electrical contractor to do the work for you, without making your wiring look like spaghetti carbonara, will save you a lot of hassle.
Do The Messy Work Somewhere Else

If you are one of those people that make a mess by just getting up off the couch and walking to the kitchen and back, you may make a bit more mess if you are actually doing any work that will make loads of waste, like sawing and drilling. Take it out the back garden if you can, especially if it’s something that can rake up a lot of dust. And if you have plenty of people traipsing in and out of your home, lay some mats down and be a Nazi about people wiping their feet before they enter the house.

Doing the renovation can be a little tasking, but it is worth it to see the fruits of your labor. That is, until you have to do it again. Good luck, and see you in 3 to 5 years!


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