Thursday, March 9, 2017

Big Ideas for Small Homes

The cost of moving into a new home can be daunting. We need to worry about a new mortgage or rent, we need to move locations meaning we might have to say goodbye to our friends, we might need to switch jobs or we might need to force our children to study at a new school. Moving home isn’t easy and you probably have far too many commitments at your current location, meaning you can’t just say goodbye to everyone and run off to somewhere new.

Unfortunately, that means we just have to cope with what we have—including our home. Whether you have a small apartment or a dinky house, there are plenty of big ideas that you can add to your home if you want to make it stand out, or if you just want to make the most out of your home.

Adding Extensions

Adding an extension to your home could be the best choice you’ve ever made in terms of home renovations. For instance, you could add on an extra bedroom by extending your house into the garden, or you could add a bedroom to your loft. This is a great way of utilising extra space, but you’re going to need a lot of back and forth talks with your chosen contractor. You might also want to engage a professional for your contract review before the works actually start so that you know what’s expected of you as the homeowner. There can be a lot of nasty surprises in the contracts, and the bigger the job the more things there are that could go wrong!

Get Rid of or Make Use of Unused Space

When you look at the stairs in your home, do you see a lot of unused space? If you do, then perhaps it’s time to remove that unneeded space to give your home a much more open feel. However, if taking the stairs apart seems a little too much work, then consider repurposing that unused space by turning it into storage. You could turn each individual step into a shelf by hollowing out the insides and building a drawer, or you could expand the amount of space you have in an under-stair storage room. There are many different ways to make use of your stairs, so look no further than the internet to find some great ideas.

Moveable or Hidden Furniture

One of the most interesting ways that homeowners are saving space is to make a room or a piece of furniture multi-functional. For instance, you could have chairs that fit perfectly underneath a dining table to make it compact and take up less space. You could also have wall-mounted tables that fold up and turn into wall decorations when not in use. The idea is to hide things that aren’t always in use. For instance, you don’t always need a dining table if you tend to eat at your computer desk or on the sofa while watching television, and you don’t always need to use an extra table if you don’t always work at home.


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