Friday, March 3, 2017

Golden Rules for Neutral Decoration

Some people might think they're boring, but there's a lot to love about neutral shades. For one thing, they're super flexible. If you use neutral shades as a background for your home's style, you can easily change around accents and highlights. Neutral colours are also ideal for staging a home, whether you're preparing it for rental or getting ready to sell. Even if you love your bright pink walls or deep blue carpets, it can be difficult to convince a potential buyer or tenant to love them too. Neutral decor is also easily maintained, making it excellent for a rental or a low-maintenance home. If you want to avoid your neutrals looking boring, here's how to do it.

Accent Your Neutrals with Colour

While neutral shades are great, you might not want your whole property to be awash with creams, browns, and beiges. A few brighter colours can help to bring everything together and ensure that your decor doesn't look too dull. You don't have to introduce too much colour to change everything. You can pick a single accent colour and dot it around a room in small amounts. Or you can choose one large feature piece, such as a sofa or a bed, to inject brighter colour into a neutral room. It doesn't have to be anything too bright, either. Anything that's not neutral could work.

Choose Easily Cleaned Materials

Neutrals are excellent for creating a home that just about anyone can enjoy. They're not too bright, and they don't need to be too boring, either. However, one issue with them is that they're not exactly pet and child-friendly. If you want things that won't show marks or stains easily, neutral colours aren't always the best choice. Although you can use darker neutral colours, you can't make everything dark. If you're using lots of useful shades, try to use materials that can be cleaned easily. Think of surfaces you can wipe clean and chair covers you can remove and put in the washing machine.

Make Things Comfy

One of the great benefits of using neutral shades is that you can make things both light and airy, and comfortable and cosy. For example, in the bedroom, you can choose comfy bedding like Bedloves bedding and accessories, which comes in a range of neutral colours. You can choose plush upholstered furniture in neutral shades. Even when you're using neutrals, you can make sure your home is warm and inviting and not cold.

Inject Style with Shape Instead of Colour

There can be a danger of a property decorated neutrally looking a little flat. But if you're not using lots of bright colours, you can still have plenty of character. One way to do it is to use shape and design to make things interesting. Choose your furniture in mid-century modern style or try an industrial look for something that stands out. Your home can be neutral while still having plenty of style.

Neutral certainly doesn't have to mean boring. You can create a beautiful home using neutral shades throughout.


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