Thursday, March 30, 2017

iMove: Attracting Millennial Buyers

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You may remember a time where calling on someone meant physically going round their house to say hello when microwaves became the best thing since sliced bread and sending a message was slipping a note into someone’s locker but the young, hungry house buyers of today don’t! In a buyer's market full of individuals who have grown up watching MTV’s Cribs you’re going to need to do something pretty special to grab their attention.

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Get Cleaning Now!

Like we’ve said, the homeowners of tomorrow have watched more reality television and home improvement shows than you can shake a stick at so they’re expecting perfection. Make sure your surfaces are clean, shiny and clutter free. Forget arranging flowers, having fresh cookies on the table and pointing out the lovely view; it’s going to take a lot more to impress couples who’ve seen some of the most beautiful places on earth. Don’t forget to organise your kitchen cupboards either! Unlike their parent's generation, these guys are a lot more hands on and won’t think twice about having a quick nose around.

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Colour Matters

Once upon a time, it was perfectly reasonable to have a sage green bathroom suite, violet colored walls, and gold flecked kitchen tiles. Removalists will tell you that over the years they’ve seen everything from squishy crimson sofas, pink furniture and navy blue wallpaper with tropical birds on it. Nowadays, it’s all about neutrals soft linen creams, pale moleskin gray, and if you’re lucky, a touch of fresh cappuccino or taupe but never beige. Buyers, especially those who are used to things being brand new anyway, have very little vision about how properties would look in their own colour scheme. It may be a little inconvenient, but if you’re trying to sell your home whitewash over those bold yellow walls now, you might think they look bright and summery, but others will just see old fashioned.  

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Bling It Up

We don’t mean that you should immediately rip out your existing kitchen or bathroom and put in a new one but give your home a subtle touch of luxury. Buy, or borrow floor lamps, fresh multifunctional pieces of furniture and limit the ornaments you have on display. You want them to think they’re standing in a well cared for affluent home, so set the stage even if you think minimalism is the biggest load of tosh since Bouncer's dream in Neighbours! Choose luxury fabrics like a faux fur throw, set out silver candle holders and hang mirrors everywhere to make the space feel airy, bright, and most of all, modern.

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Point Out The Tech

It won’t matter if your home has a huge garden, a double parking space or looks out over lush, green fields if your net connection doesn’t meet their approval. Replace a couple of your standard plugs with those that have direct USB capability, show them how fast the fiber-optic broadband in your area is and wax lyrical about the excellent, reliable phone signal. It’s also worthwhile taking your spare room and fashioning it into a ‘home office’ for the duration of the viewing period.


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