Saturday, March 11, 2017

Interior Design Made Easy: Simple Ideas For Total Beginners

If you’re completely new to interior design it can seem pretty daunting and serious. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! There are a lot of simple tips and tricks that even a complete novice can do. Designing your interiors should be fun. Start off small and then you can start unleashing your creativity on bigger projects. Before you know it, you’ll be landscaping the garden!

Statement Walls

Statement walls are a great way to add some drama and impact to a room. What’s more, they're so easy to do. Have a look at the room you’re working on, living rooms and bedrooms work well for statement walls. Choose which wall you want to emphasize. Sometimes the decision is made easy. If you have a wall that protrudes around chimney breast chose this one. If not simply decide where you would most like the eye to be drawn.

Statement walls need to do just that, make a statement! So once you’ve chosen the wall, decide how you’re going to make that statement. It could be as simple as a flash of bold color. If you have four white walls, painting one a warm yellow will instantly brighten the room. Think about what you want your wall to do. Is it supposed to be admired like art, make a room warmer, cozier? This will help you to chose what to do with it. Pain is the easiest way to make a statement wall. If you want to go all out consider wallpapering. Wallpapering a statement wall is a great way to incorporate som flair into a room. Choose a highly decorative wallpaper and paper one of the walls. This will avoid the print going overboard but still create an impact. If you want to get really artsy, try stenciling designs onto on wall. This Japanese style technique is very calming.


If you’ve just bought a new home you need to work out how much you can spend on design features. Realistically you won’t have a huge budget. Use a loan payment calculator and mortgage payment calculator to work out your budget accurately. If you find you're short on funds, try upcycling.  

Upcycling is a great technique which cuts down on waste and increases thriftiness. Take everyday objects and transform them into design features. Take empty cans for instance. These can be cleaned and painted and made into flower pots, stationery holders, even utensil holders. Instead of throwing away your old furniture try and think about how you can turn it into something new and interesting. If you have kids, turning old magazines into collages is a great way to keep them entertained, and create some meaningful art for the walls! Get experimental and try out different things, there is no wrong answer.


Layering is a simple design trick that any novice can use. By layering up different fabrics in a room you create a sense of warmth and coziness, but also luxury. There’s something quite decadent and rich about lots of fabrics paired together. Consider your rug, a throw, your curtains, and pillows. These are all different fabrics. Layer these up by combining satin and silks with sheepskin and fur rugs.


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