Thursday, March 9, 2017

Small Space? No Problem! Decor Tips For Small Apartments

Maybe it’s your first apartment, or perhaps you live in a big city where small spaces are the norm? Either way, decorating your tiny apartment is always going to have its challenges! When you have less room to work with, you really do have to be clever with the space. You certainly can’t be a hoarder, and you may need to rely on a few tips and tricks to keep everything looking nice and sleek. Thankfully small homes can still look beautiful, here are just a few of the ways you can make the most of your apartment.


Use a Light Wall Colour

It’s no secret that light wall colours make rooms look bigger, and darker ones draw them in. In a small apartment, this is particularly important advice to bear in mind. For a super sleek finish go with brilliant white, or if you want something a little softer try a very light grey. Ditch the magnolia, current trends are leaning far more towards cooler tones. If you do want to bring in colour, do it with a couple of accent pieces or accessories. The last thing you want in a small space is to be visually assaulted by every colour of the rainbow! There are a few golden rules to bear in mind when decorating in neutrals, but if you get them right it can look fantastic without being at all boring!

Think About Continuity

A home that has flow will feel more spacious. You can create this by using the same wall colour and floor coverings throughout. This prevents the decor from feeling ‘stop and start’. If every room you walk into has a very different colour scheme, it can be a bit much- especially in a smaller space like an apartment. Another way you can create flow is by ensuring that all of your interior doors and handles match, and that you use the same accent metal throughout. For example, if you’ve gone with silver door handles also pick silver curtain rails, light fittings, drawer pulls and everything else. You could go with gunmetal, brass or copper if you want something a little different, just be sure to choose other pieces that match to tie it all together.


Find The Right Furniture

The right furniture is crucial when you’re working with a small space. You need to carefully measure everything and plan it out before making purchases. You might have to sacrifice that enormous corner sofa, super king sized bed and giant American fridge freezer,  but there are plenty of gorgeous pieces you can find that will fit perfectly. You could even go about finding furniture on a site which specialises in furniture packages for apartments. Compact pieces which look great but don’t take up masses of floor space are your best bet.

Use Mirrors

Another way to maximise the light in the room is by using mirrors. A large mirror opposite your window will bounce the natural light back into the room. Plus statement mirrors look great too- even in a small room, you can go with large sizes without it looking cluttered. One in the living room over the mantle is the perfect spot, as well as in the bathroom over the sink. In the bedroom you could go with a large full length mirror. Great for reflecting light and practical for getting ready in the mornings too! Using mirrored or clear furniture is another way to create the illusion of space. For example, a dining table with four ghost chairs (made from acrylic) looks far less dominating in the space than say four regular wooden ones. Mirrored furniture also looks super sleek and elegant especially in the bedroom (although admittedly it is a bit of a pain to keep clean!)

Don’t Overlook Lighting

Small spaces can look beautiful, but you run the risk of them looking like dingy cupboards without the right lighting! As well as your overhead light you should have a couple of other light sources in your rooms. A floor lamp, a couple of table lamps, even wall sconces can look great and allow you to really tailor the ambiance in the room. To go a step further you could add LED strip lighting under kitchen cupboards and kick boards. In the living room and bedroom, you could add strings of fairy lights which look soft and pretty when they’re lit up in the evening.

Keep It Simple

When you don’t have huge rooms to work with, it makes sense to not fill them with loads and loads of stuff. Declutter and get rid of anything that you don’t need. Donate to friends, family and charity shops and then throw away anything that’s no good. Then find good storage solutions that work with the space for the things you don’t use every day. Storage boxes can be filled and neatly stored inside cupboards to maximise the space. Use drawer dividers for drawers, buy under bed storage. This helps to keep everything tidy and prevents the rooms themselves looked overfilled and chaotic. For decor, choose a few key pieces. A mirror, a large plant, a vase of fresh or faux flowers and a couple of decorative pieces are enough to make a place look homely without being cluttered. If you have lots of smaller items, consider grouping them together on a tray to give the room a more streamlined look. Putting a rug on the floor and some cushions on the sofa help to bring in some interest, and make the room look and feel comfortable too.


With a bit of planning and decluttering as well as carefully choosing the pieces you want in your home, your small apartment will look absolutely fantastic. There are certain challenges that you will have to overcome with both furniture and decor so be sure to think ahead and plan before jumping in and making purchases.

Do you live in a small apartment? How have you made the most of the space you have?


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