Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wait! Before You Extend Your Home, Read This

If you’re thinking of extending and improving your home, then you have a lengthy road ahead of you. After all, a home extension can take quite some time, depending on what you want. It can also be pretty expensive. A home extension definitely isn’t something you should do without a lot of thought first. If it’s something you’re considering, this post can help you to make your decision:

Planning Permission and Regulations

Make sure you know what planning permission and regulations you need before you start saving up for your extension. Once you see everything you need to do, you might decide against the whole thing! It will depend on the sort of extension you want and where you are, but planning permissions can be a bit of a pain.

Your Neighbors

Love thy neighbor. That’s what some religious figure said, and when it comes to home extensions, it remains. Think about it: you wouldn’t expect your neighbor to go out and get a snazzy new extension if it was going to impact your quality of life, would you? So why would you do it to them? You don’t want your extension to negatively impact your neighbor’s way of life, so make sure you’re sure of this before going ahead. Knocking on their door and discussing it with them is probably a nice idea. Even if you hate them.


Your Architect/Builder

You’re going to need both an architect and building services to get your extension off the ground. Depending on the level of extension you want, you may need an architect to come in and design it so it’s not only pretty, but practical. Then you need builders to come in and do the hard work. Extensive research is required before you make your decision, and meeting with them first is also a good idea. You’ll be working with them for a long time, so you should get along.


Always make sure your builders and anybody else you work with has insurance. You may need to take out some insurance too. Don’t just take anybody’s word for it; ask to see proof. You’ll regret it later on down the line if something goes wrong.

Balancing Your Property

Keeping your property balanced is key to making sure your extension adds true value, rather than takes it away. That doesn’t mean you need to get your spirit level out. It simply means, if you add a bedroom, it only makes sense to add another bathroom. As certain rooms in your home increase, you’ll need to balance your property by adding other rooms too.

How Long It Should Take

Bear in mind that your extension can take a varying amount of time. A standard extension can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. However, it can take up to 6 months for a second story addition. Make sure you discuss this with your builders, and think about how this will impact your quality of life. Some people even choose to move out for a while, as they can't live amongst the chaos!


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