Monday, April 3, 2017

How To Grit Your Teeth And Get Through Home Renovations

In terms of house problems, there’s very little that’s harder to get through than house renovations. Not only does everything you own seem to be covered in dust, you also have to deal with a family full of kids who are in bad moods because their usual routines have been disrupted and an inability to shower because the water’s been cut off to your bathroom. But never fear - even through the madness there are a few things you can do to make your mid-renovation life a little easier...

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Budget Carefully

First of all, make sure that you budget your money carefully. There are a lot of different house renovations that you could go through so make sure that you’ve chosen the right one - different renovations add different amounts of money to your house. Conservatories and extensions, for example, can add huge amounts to the value of your home (although chances are, once you’ve lived through a renovation you probably won’t ever want to move or even consider making any changes to your living circumstances ever again!). It’s important to make sure that you talk to your workmen before the renovations happen to make sure that you know exactly how much you’ll be paying. Make sure that you have this in writing before the work begins, and also make sure that you put some money aside for any incidental expenses that might arise. House renovations are unfortunately unpredictable so you need to prepare for the worst.

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Plan Beforehand

Before the renovations start to take place, make sure that you’ve fully planned out how you’re going to handle them. You don’t want to wake up one morning with gross greasy hair and last night’s makeup all over your face and realise that you can’t have a shower but you’ve got a business meeting in half an hour. Make sure that if your bathroom’s unusable, you have somewhere else that you can wash, whether that’s at a nearby friend or family member’s home or even at the gym (you might be taking your kids to the pool more frequently at this point than at any other time in your life). Likewise, make sure that you’ve planned what exactly you’re going to do for meals, whether that’s buying pre-packaged salads on your way home from work, ordering takeout most nights, or investing in a mini fridge to hold your milk and any other essentials until the work is complete. You’ll feel a whole lot more secure if you’ve planned everything out.

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Prepare For Disaster

The course of true love never did run smooth and neither did the course of house renovations. No matter how carefully you plan or how excellent your workmen are, something will go horribly wrong at some point. There will be a storm and tarpaulins will be ripped off the top of your house by raging winds, or a well-meaning apprentice will accidentally hack into the wall in the wrong place and cause a mini flood in your spare bedroom, or the workmen will insist on using your favourite bathroom and never, ever flushing the toilet (a problem that might not be as major as the others but which, let’s face it, would really bother you). It’s important to make sure that you’ve planned for any emergencies. Make sure that you have the number of a plumber on speed dial - look online at sites like to find one - along with a good electrician. If the worst happens, they’ll put your home right in no time. No one wants to have to climb up to the roof of their house in the middle of a thunderstorm amid flapping tarpaulins with nothing but a stapler and a hopeful attitude. Get the professionals in to help.

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Put Your Stuff Into Storage

No matter which renovation is happening around you, chances are it will get messy and dusty and somehow everything you own will get coated with a thin but impenetrable layer of dust. Before your workmen come to your home, cover items like rugs and couches with dust sheets if your downstairs is getting renovated. If you’re getting a new bathroom, remove all cloths like towels and sheets, and if you’re getting your kitchen done, remove all food that isn’t in properly sealed containers. If you have a lot of ornaments and knickknacks, you could consider hiring a storage area for the duration of your renovation - or you could pack them carefully into boxes and move them into other areas of your home. Remember to use plenty of newspaper and bubble wrap to keep everything precious safe. After the renovation is done, be careful to vacuum all your rooms to remove the dust, particularly if you have young kids or pets.

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Keep Your Kids’ Routines The Same

Speaking of kids - let’s face it, home renovations were much simpler when they were around. Gone are the days when you and your partner could just check into a cheap hotel for a week and come home to find a new bathroom in your home. Instead you have to do your absolute best to make sure that your kids’ daily routines stay the same and they aren’t too unsettled - because boy, if they are unsettled, they will absolutely let you know about it, as vocally as they possibly can. Make sure that they have dinner at the same time as usual and that you pack plenty of nutrients into their diets. Even if you have takeout pizza, chop up some carrots and bell peppers as well for some extra vitamins. Make sure that they go to bed at the same time as usual so that they don’t get over tired.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

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Finally, make sure that you cut yourself some slack. It’s a busy and stressful time so you don’t need to beat yourself up for snapping at your partner a couple of times or crying because of a broken vase. Make sure you get plenty of early nights, that you practise deep breathing, and that - most importantly - you remind yourself that it’ll all be over soon.


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